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Chuttalabbayi Review

Title : Chuttalabbayi CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 30 Mins Release Date : 19-08-2016 Banner : SRT Entertainments Cast : Aadi, Namitha Pramod, Saikumar, Abhimanyu Singh, Prudhvi and Others Music : Thaman SS DOP : S Arunkumar Producer : Venkat Talari, Ram Talluri Direction : Veerabhadram Story: Babji (Aadi) works as a recovery agent. As a result of one of his recovery work, a marriage happens on time and it’s here he meets Kavya (Namitha Pramod). Later it is known that Kavya is brother of a police officer who hates love and tries to marry her as soon as possible. What happens when Kavya’s brother mistakes Babji (Aadi) and Kavya (Namitha Pramod) to be lovers is the basic story of the film. Performances: Aadi is given a fresh character and he plays it with good ease. He is good in action and dances as usual and leaves his mark in those segments. Not much is there for him to act though apart from the few scenes that he shares with his father. Together they look good on screen. Namitha Pramod is given a different role than what we generally associate with heroines. She is given few scenes to shine where she does justice. Sai Kumar is superb in small role he is given. His introduction is enough to say how he towers over everyone in the film. He plays a grounded and guarded father with grace and poise that only he can posses. Abhimanyu Singh has a good introduction but nothing much happens later. Prudhvi is hilarious once again. Shakalaka Shankar is good in few scenes given to him. Ali is hilarious in a small cameo. Others don’t have much to talk about. Positives: Entertainment Sai Kumar – Aadi chemistry Songs On Screen Negatives: Predictable Story Analysis: Director Veerabhadram Chowdhary burst onto the scene with back to back entertaining flicks that have good repeat value. He failed with his third film which he made with a star. Watching Chuttalabbai one feels he has learned from the mistakes of the past film but the real problem is despite learning he hasn't shown any improvement. He has reduced the number of rhyming dialogues and also genuinely tried to keep things simple within the commercial format. There is the loudness but that is expected and he makes it clear in a self aware manner through a dialogue. First half of the film lacks in the story but has some interesting scenes that keep interest alive. The second half gets into the story mode which although nothing new works in parts due to the conviction brought by the lead pair. Could things have been handled in a better way, surely they could have? Overall it’s a predictable fare that provides few laughs here and there along with heroism, action and neatly choreographed dances. Music by SS Thaman is good. Background score is also fine overall. Cinematography by S Arun Kumar is lively. Editing by SR Sekkhar is neat and it keeps the film move at a tight pace. Production values by First time Producers Venkat Talaari, Ram Taalluri are very good. Bottom-line: Decent Family Entertainer Rating: 3/5

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