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‘Khaidi No 150’ Movie Review

Title : Khaidi No 150 CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 2 Hr 27 Mins Release Date : 11-01-2016 Banner : Konidela Productions Cast : Chiranjeevi, Kajal, Ali, Tarun Arora Music : Devi Sri Prasad DOP : Rathnavelu Story : A.R. Murugadoss Producer : Ram Charan Directed by : V.V.Vinayak   Story: Kaththi Seenu (Chiranjeevi) is a thief who wants get out of country with his theft money. An accident with Shankar (Chiranjeevi) leads him to a place where he can get the money to get out of the country. But an incident brings change in him. What is the incident and what change does it bring in Kaththi Seenu? How a corporate criminal is involved in all this is the basic story. Performances: Chiranjeevi returns to silver screen after a decade. But right from the first frame till the end one never feels that way. It is as if he has been doing movies continuously. As a performer he shows versatility and variations in the two characters that he plays on screen. As an entertainer even at that age Chiranjeevi weaves magic on screen with simple graceful steps. Welcome back Megastar. Kajal has a limited role when we look into the entire scheme of things. She looks beautiful in the songs and does what else is required as heroine in a story that doesn’t have much score for her. Tarun Arora pulls off a suave businessman look well. Except for the look there is nothing else for him to do or showcase his acting prowess. Ali, Brahmanandam, and Raghubabu handle comedy efficiently. Others like the villages are appropriate for their respective roles. VV Vinayak in a cameo is good. Positives: Chiranjeevi screen presence Story Screenplay Songs on screen Negatives: Drags at times Analysis: As many are aware Khaidi No 150 is a remake of Tamil film named Kaththi. The main reason for the success of the original film was core issue for farmers which resonated well with the current situation in the nation. It was a serious film with focus mostly on the issue with few very emotional scenes. In Telugu all of this is retained without any change but a comedy track has been fused into the narrative which lasts till the end of the movie, although in parts. Apart from that separate comedy, there is Chiranjeevi doing in trademark bits entertaining the audience. Overall this pattern of entertainment and elevation is well maintained. This gives the film a formulaic feeling but it nonetheless engages. First half starts with a bang but as soon as proceedings move to Hyderabad, it slows down. However, things pick up again post intermission and the momentum is maintained till the big twist is revealed to the villain. The climax is neatly wrapped up. Music and background score by Devi Sri Prasad is very good. The songs take the film to next level and are well placed. The cinematography by Rathnavelu is superb. Editing is fine where as dialogues by Sai Madhav Burra are inspiring and thought provoking. Production values by Ram Charan are fantastic. Bottom-line: Thought Provoking Entertainer Rating: 3.25/5

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