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‘Vaishakham’ Will Be A Super Hit In 2017 – BA Raju

Popular PRO and producer BA Raju celebrates his birthday on January 7th. He is an institution in himself and inspiration to countless other industry folks in how to shape a career humbly in film industry winning the love and affection of every one across the board. On this occasion and also the completion of one year of IndustryHit.com, BA Raju had a chat with the press. This is what he had to say. 25 Years for Super Hit In 2017, Super Hit magazine will complete 24 year in publication. Once it completes 25 years in 2018, we will organize a grand function to celebrate the achievement. Despite the completion of these many years it still feels like I am just two or three years. This is because I love what I do. Working everyday is my policy. I work with renewed energy every day. Vaisakam will be a Super Hit As a producer too I have completed 15 years. In all these years I have learnt to give value to the story and give it the biggest importance and best output. All the films in RJ Cinema banner, Premalo Pavani Kalyan, Chantigadu, Gundamma Gari Manavadu, and Lovely have been profitable to buyers. Our latest film Vaisakam is getting good response from buyers as a result. Currently post-production works are happening. On New Film I am planning to start a new film before the release of Vaisakam itself. Currently pre-production activities are happening. Vaisakam Will Be The Best I am hopeful that among all the films made on our banner Vaisakam will be the best. And also that it will be one among the Super Hit films releasing in the year 2017. My Wife, Director B Jaya’s Support A huge part and reason of my success is my wife, and director, B Jaya. She has always been very supportive. Finally, BA Raju concluded the press-meet by thanking all the staff working behind the scenes relentlessly for Superhit Magazine and IndustryHit.Com. There support is always appreciated and so are the people that stood by him in his journey so far. We wish him a very Happy Birthday from Industryhit.Com Team

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