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’16 Every Detail Counts’ Movie Review

Title :16 CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 1 Hr 46 Mins Release Date : 10-03-2017 Banner : Sri Tirumala Tirupathi Venkateshwara Films Cast : Rahman and Others Music : Jakes Bejoy DOP : Sujith Sarang Producer : Chadalavada Padmavathi Direction: Karthick Naren STORY : It is about a mysterious case dealt by Deepak (Rahman) and how he solves it. Though the investigation started to solve a murder mystery, Deepak in no time finds that there is more than a murder linked to that case. Subsequently he finds that a woman's missing and a hit and run are linked to this case. How he unfolds the truth ? How the three events related to each other forms the story of '16'. PERFORMANCES : Entire story revolves around Rahman and he pulled off his role superbly with ease. Rahman gave his best performance in this film. He looks perfect as an experienced cop who takes decisions quickly and act according to the situation. The casual act he did worked big time for the film. Hema Chandra's dubbing suited him well. Rest of the cast are mostly first timers and everyone did their part well. POSITIVES : Intelligent Screenplay, Direction Rahman's Performance Well Maintained Suspense Technically Very Rich Crisp Run-Time NEGATIVES Complex Narration ANALYSIS : Director Karthick Naren must be appreciated for coming up with such a unique script for his first film itself. He engaged audience throughout the film in this whodunit thriller. Karthick keeps throwing questions in first half and he brilliantly tied all the ends in second half. Entire first half deals with investigation raising curiosity about each and every character. When it comes to second half while revealing each secret the entire story seems completely different from what audience expect. This is where Director showed his brilliance by unfolding truth in different perspectives. On the downside it is also a bit confusing to audience and left with many uncleared answers when the entire plot is explained in the final 10 minutes due to the complex narration of the film. Technically film is very rich. Sreejith Sarang's crisp Editing, Jakes Bejoy's background music, Sujith Sarang's Cinematography deserves a special mention. They together gives the film much needed mood to this kind of thriller.Production values are rich. Visually film looks glossy and colourful. 'Sri Tirumala Tirupathi Venkateswara Films' banner which brought 'Bichagaadu' last year brings another quality, new kind of film to Telugu audience. They deserves to be praised for their choice of films.Those who like murder mysteries without any regular commercial elements will love this film. Bottom-Line : Complex but A Perfectly Executed Whodunit Thriller Rating : 3.25 / 5

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