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‘Chitrangada’ Movie Review

Title :Chithrangada CBFC Rating : A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 25 Mins Release Date : 10-03-2017 Banner : Suraksh/Sri Vignesh Karthik Cinema Cast : Anjali, Jayaram, Sapthagiri, Sindhu Tulani, Sakshi Gulati, Sudheer and Others Music : Selva-Swamy DOP : Bal Reddy Producers : Sridhar-Rahman Direction: Ashok.G


Chitra (Anjali) who teaches psychology in a college behaves strangely seducing other girls without her knowing. Psychiatrist Shanmukha Neelakantam (Jayaram) suspects that Chitra might be suffering with multiple personality disorder. When Chitra revealed about her strange dream to Neelakantam, he doesn't believe her and labels her as a mad woman. Chitra challenges Neelakantam that she will solve the mystery behind her dream and goes to America where she takes help of Samyuktha (Sakshi Gulati). How Chitra solves the mystery surrounding her life forms the rest of the story.


Anjali as 'Chitrangadha' played a role which has many shades. Anjali impressed in the role of a modern girl who often behaves like a man. At times she even went overboard in her performance.

Jayaram did his usual job while Sapthagiri irritates with his comedy. Sakshi Gulati, Sudigali Sudheer, Deepak, Sindhu Tolani are adequate.


Interesting Plot

Points Raised About Reincarnation

Rich Production Values


Exotic Locations


Weak Narration



Director Ashok did a lot of research about reincarnations and comes up with an interesting plot. First Half deals with the character establishment of Chitra and her problems. Songs played spoilt sport here acting as barriers. Story gets interesting after Chitra reveals about her dream but it fizzles out soon once film shifts to America.

Sapthagiri 's comedy didn't worked out well and it seems forcibly induced into the plot. But, film gets back on track once story reveals truth about Chitra during the final part. The climax could have been handled better. Background Music is impressive. Cinematography is top notch capturing exotic locales in America. Production Values by Producers Rahman, Gangapatnam Sreedhar are top class.

Bottom-Line : Interesting Plot failed with weak narration

Rating : 2.75/5

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