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‘Metro’ Movie Review

Title : Metro CBFC Rating : A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 01 Mins Release Date : 17-03-2017 Banner : R4 Entertainments Cast : Sirish, Bobby Simha, Satya, Sendrayan, Tulasi and Others Music : Johan Producer : Rajani Taalluri Direction : Ananda Krishna


Adi (Sirish) who works for a magazine is from a middle-class family living with his parents and younger brother Madhu (Satya) who is an engineering student. Madhu wants to earn easy money to lead a luxury life. As a result he ends up as a chain snatcher with the help of his friend who works for Guna (Bobby Simha). How his family gets affected due to his involvement in crime forms the story.
Sirish who played the hero suited the role and he is just okay performance wise. Satya who played as greedy brother impresses at times with his performance in negative role while in some scenes he could not carry such a strong character.
Bobby Simha is adequate in the role of a gangster who runs a chain snatching gang.He is the only popular actor in the film. Though his role looks strong initially but finally ends up as a mere supporting character. Most of the actors are first timers and they are apt to their roles.
Interesting Premise
Emotional Drama
First Half
Camerawork, BGM
Gets Repetitive In Second Half
Director Anand Krishna comes with a gritty realistic crime story dealing with chain snatching. Film starts on an interesting note and slides into flashback. First Half of the film is very well narrated with interesting sequences while establishing characters. Detailing is very good in showcasing chain snatching episodes and how they choose their victims is well explained.
It is second half where things go awry with predictable screenplay. Bobby Simha 's character which is introduced as a dreaded don becomes weak in second half. The chain snatching episodes too gets repetitive.But, the intense drama set in interesting premise worked for this film. Cinematography by Uday Kumar is superb. He perfectly captured the gritty visuals and sets the raw tone which is much needed for such kind of script. Background Music by Johan is very good. Telugu dubbing has been neatly done.
Bottom-Line : Impressive Crime Drama
Rating : 3/5

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