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‘Nenorakam’ Movie Review

Title :Nenorakam CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 12 Mins Release Date : 17-03-2017 Banner : Wibha Entertainments Cast : Sairam Shankar, Sarath Kumar, Rashmi Menon, MS.Narayana, Viva Harsha and Others Music : Mahith Narayan Producer : Daepa Sreekanth Direction: Sudhershan Salendra


Goutham (Sai Ram Shankar) who works for a financial company as a loan recovery agent falls for Swechcha (Rashmi Menon) at the first sight. After many attempts to woo her, Swechcha too loves him. But, things take a u turn when Swechcha gets kidnapped by a stranger (Sharrath Kumar) and Goutham gets mysterious call to do things. Goutham is left with no choice except to do things the stranger ask him to do. What happens finally ? What is the motive of mysterious kidnapper ? Forms 'Neno Rakam'.


Sai Ram Shankar did well with his casual act in first half and he is impressive in second half where he vents out his frustration in intense scenes. Rashmi Menon as heroine looks good and she did okay performance wise. She didn't have much screen time in second half.

Sharath Kumar stands out with his performance as kidnapper. He did an impressive act with his own dubbing. Film picksup steam after his entry. His scenes with his daughter in flashback came out well.


Second Half

Scenes Involving Sharat Kumar and Sai Ram Shankar

Flashback Episode of Sharath Kumar


First Half



Director Sudershan Salendra choses an interesting point. But he takes a lot of time to get to the actual point. It is during Interval only Director enters into the actual point. Till then the entire first half deals with the love scenes between lead pair supported with some comedy scenes involving MS Narayana, Viva Harsha, Prudhvi. But, these scenes didn't worked out well resulting a mediocre first half. Placement of songs also is not good.

Things gets interesting in second half. Director succeeds in engaging the viewer with fast screenplay for sometime. But soon it fizzles out with unwanted song which comes from nowhere when the film is running with intense drama. The flash back portion of Sharath Kumar is dealt convincingly which justifies his motive. Aditya Menon's character and Climax could have been handled better. Music and BGM by Mahith Narayan is adequate. Producer Srikanth deserves appreciation for maintaining impressive production values.

Bottom-Line : Passable Thriller

Rating : 3 / 5

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