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‘Rogue’ Movie Review

Title : Rogue CBFC Rating : UA Run-Time : 2 Hrs 10 Mins Release Date : 31-03-2017 Banner : Tanvi Films Cast : Ishan, Mannara Chopra, Angelina, Thakur Anup Singh, Ali, Posani Krishna Murali, Subba Raju and Others Music : Sunil Kashyap Producer : Dr CR Manohar, CR Gopi Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction : Puri Jagannadh


Chanti (Ishan) loves Anjali (Angela) who is sister of a Police Commissioner. He even fights for his love while Anjali is being engaged to other Police officer (Subbaraju). During his fight Chanti accidentally makes a police constable ( Sathya) paralyzed. For this Chanti was arrested. After knowing that Anjali ditched him for a better person and she is happily married, Chanti develops hatred towards women. After getting out of jail, Chanti decides to take care of Constable's family. Impressed by Chanti's nature Constable's sister Anjali (Mannara Chopra) Loves Chanti. As Chanti looking after their family, another problem stands before him. A Psycho (Thakur Anup Singh) who was put behind the bars escapes from the jail and is after Anjali. How Chanti saved Anjali from Psycho and what happened them in the mean time forms the story.


Debutant Ishan impresses with his looks and performance. He did extremely well even though he is a first timer. Puri Jagannadh's heroes are full of energy and arrogance in their characterisations. Ishan matched them in his first film itself. He looks dashing in Action sequences. He looked confident and his screen presence is very good. Like Puri said Ishan is a perfect Hero material and will have a very good future ahead.

Among the Heroines Mannara Chopra scores both in looks and performance. She did well in emotional scenes and looked good onscreen. Though Angela looked sensuos, she is just okay in the role of ex-girlfriend. Thakur Anup Singh impresses as Psycho with chiselled physique. Ali, Posani Krishna Murali, Subba raju are adequate.


Puri Mark Dialogues, Characters Debutant Ishan FIrst Half Cinematography Production Values


Second Half Nothing Much Story


Dashing Director Puri Jagannadh known for his whacky characterisations introduced Ishan with 'Rogue'. Ishan impresses right from the first frame. First half of the film is good with Puri mark dialogues. Using Hero's hatred towards women jokes aimed at ex-girlfriends worked out well in first half. Villain Thakun Anup Singh introduced as Psycho during interval. Since then it is about Rogue (Ishan) vs Psycho for the rest of the film. Though the villain's characterisation is dealt in unique Puri's style, it could have been better. Songs in second half are good. When it is about a war between two different personilities we expect some aggressive scenes in Puri Jagannadh's style which are clearly missing in this second half.

Cinematography by Mukhesh is one of the highlights of the film. Film looks vibrant and colorful. He perfectly captured streets of Kolkata. Music by Sunil Kashyap is adequate. A couple of songs are good and BGM is impressive, especially the Psycho theme. Production Values are top notch by Producers CR Manohar and CR Gopi. Film looks stylish and rich on screen with beautiful locations. With 'Rogue' Puri succeeds in giving Ishan a perfect launch

Bottom-Line : Debutant Ishan Impresses As Puri's 'Rogue' Rating : 3/5

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