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Baahubali-2 Movie Review

Title :Baahubali-2 CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 47 Mins Release Date : 28-04-2017 Banner : Arka Media Cast : Prabhas, Anushka, Rana, Ramyakrishna, Satyaraj, Tamannaah, Nasser and Others Music : MM.Keeravani DOP : Senthil Kumar Producer : Prasad Devineni-Shobu Direction: SS.Rajamouli Story: Kattappa and Amarendra Baahubali take a journey through the Mahishmati Kingdom to know more about people in real world. Baahubali comes across Devasena while he is at that. Meanwhile, Bhalladeva is manipulating Rajamata to widen rift between her and Baahubali. How it all leads to Kattappa killing Baahubali is the basic story of the movie. Performances: Prabhas completely rocks the movie as Amarendra Baahubali. Right from the introduction shot he makes every moment count. As long as he is present on screen one can't take eyes off him. Not only is he looking at his handsome best, he also gives a career defining performance. Be it romance, comedy, aggression, and action, Prabhas leaves his undeniable mark on the proceeding. Prabhas as Baahubali is sure to be etched forever in the history of Telugu cinema. Anushka makes a perfect pair with Prabhas and this is proved again with Baahubali 2. Apart from the chemistry, she is also explosive in the movie in the dramatic scenes. She exudes the royal feel effortlessly. Rana Daggubati looks menacing as villain. His villainy added much needed tempo to the story and helps to hold the drama more grippingly. Ramyakrishna , Nazar, Sathyaraj brings life to their characters with their experience. Subbaraju impresses in a innocent character who later becomes crucial in later half. Positives: Prabhas Rajamouli Mark Elevations Pre-Interval, Interval Sequences Rajdarbar Episode in Second Half Excellent Production Values Negatives: Drags slightly post interval Analysis: The master story teller SS Rajamouli is back with a new tale. This time the director narrates the second, conclusive chapter in the Baahubali saga. There is massive expectation on the movie but watching Baahubali 2,one never gets the feeling that the director was bogged down by them. In fact, the way he has gone about the narrative one gets a feeling that he reveled in the huge expectations the film has. Right from the title sequence, Rajamouli grips the audiences with interesting narrative and never lets it go. Each character is introduced with a great scene that stays with us even after the end of movie. First half is filled with moments that makes Baahubali 2 a vintage SS Rajamouli film. The interval block is just beyond amazing. The second half slows down a bit in comparison as it is here all the content lies. Why Kattappa killed Baahubali comes during this hour and it is sure to leave everyone teary eyed. The climax is then neatly wrapped up with an immensely satisfied feeling. Overall, the unlimited mass goosebumps value of the movie created with joint efforts of Rajamouli and Prabhas is the biggest takeaway of the movie and is sure to be a benchmark for industry for years to come. MM Keeravani has given wonderful music as one can imagine. He takes the proceedings further with excellent background score. The cinematography by KK Senthil is extraordinary. Editing is neat. Visual effects are amazing. Producers Shobhu, Prasad deserve as big credit as Director for Taking up this mammoth project and delivered perfectly. Bottom-line: A King Size Emotional Action Wonder Rating: 4/5

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