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” ‘Vaisakham’ songs are very good. I believe film will become very big hit” – Dashing Director Puri Jagannadh

Dashing director Puri Jagannadh recently made a visit to RJ Cinemas office in Hyderabad. 'Vaisakham' unit welcomed him graciously and showed the video songs and trailer. Here is what the director and the unit had to say after viewing the visuals. Dashing Director Puri Jagannadh said, “ BA Raju Garu and Jaya Garu are like family members to me. Whenever Jaya Garu makes a movie, she makes it a point to show me the songs and trailer. I have seen 'Vaisakham' video songs, they are very good. Vasanth has given very good music and the lead pair, Harish and Avanthika, has performed them with lots of energy and competing with each other. They will have a great future ahead. Valishetty Subbarao’s work as cinematographer is excellent. The visuals are beautiful with new and fresh locations. I whole-heartedly wish the movie to be a big success”. Dynamic Lady Director Jaya B, “ Puri Jagannadh Garu previously saw the songs of Lovely and appreciated. They went on to be huge hits. He also appreciated the music by Anup Rubens. Not only that he went ahead and got him on board for his films. Now, he is again impressed with 'Vaisakham' songs. Each song is unique in its own way in the movie and audience will feel the same thrill that Puri Garu felt while watching the videos. We already feel like great achievement that a top director like Puri Garu has come to our office, saw the video songs and appreciated its beauty. In fact, he says that he is inspired by them. We couldn’t have got a better compliment. I am feeling very happy right to be a source of inspiration to him”. Producer BA Raju said. “We feel very happy that Puri Garu saw the songs of 'Vaisakham' and praised them. The judgment of Puri Garu is always correct. In the past he saw the songs of Lovely and said that the movie would be a Super hit. He had same words to say after watching 'Vaisakham' songs which gives us big confidence. Definitely, like Puri Jagannadh Garu said the movie will be a big hit. 'Vaisakham' will arrive in cinemas in the first week of June”. Actor Harish finally concluded by saying he was very excited that his dream director Puri Jagannadh has seen the videos and is impressed with them. His blessing worked for the movie Lovely and the sentiment will continue for 'Vaisakham' as well. The audience will surely like the movie", Harish ended the meet on a positive note.

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