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‘Radha’ Movie Review

Title : Radha CBFC Rating : U Run-Time : 2 Hrs 08 Mins Release Date : 12-05-2017 Banner : Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra Pvt LLP Cast : Sharwanand, Lavanya Tripathi, Ravi Kishan, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Thanikella Bharani, Ali, Sapthagiri, Shakalaka Sankar, Brahmaji  Music : Radhan DOP : Kartheek Ghattamaneni Producer : Bhogavalli Baapineedu Written and Directed By : Chandra Mohan STORY :
Radha Krishna (Sharwanand) is a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna from his childhood. Once a Police saves him from falling into a pit. Since then he believes that Lord Krishna came as Police to save him and people. So, he aims to become a Police Officer. His determination and passion to become Police grows with his age and finally he becomes an SI. After Training he gets posting in a village which has zero crime rate. Disappointed  Radha Krishna asks his high officer to transfer him to a crime zone where he can nab criminals. Meanwhile during his stay in Village he falls for Radha (Lavanya Tripathi). He tries to woo her and finally manages to win her Love. Then Radha Krishna gets transferred to Dhoolpet area where he needs to clean crimes. Here comes the twist in the tale, Radha Krishna caught in the middle of a political crossfire where several of his fellow policemen were killed while protecting CM candidate Sujatha (Ravi Kishan). Who tried to kill Sujatha ? How Radha Krishna managed to solve this case and brings justice to the death of 12 policemen forms the rest of the story.
Sharwanand's lively performance is the main highlight of the film. 'Radha' is completely Sharwanand's show. His characterisation has all variations and he completely did justice to his role with his energetic act. His ease with perfect comedy timing made entertainment worked out well. He looks handsome as young cop and impressive in romantic scenes in first half, emotional scenes in second half.
Lavanya Tripathi did her usual role of a traditional girl with beautiful looks. Her scenes with Sharwanand came out well. Ravi Kishan played as villain and he did okay. Aksha who did a brief role as second heroines, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Thanikella Bharani, Aashish Vidyarthi, Brahmaji are adequate. Comedy done by Sapthagiri, Shakalaka Shankar and Ali in a small role worked in parts.
Sharwanand's Lively Performance
Entertainment in 1st half
Cat and Mouse Game Between Hero-Villain in 2nd half
Songs Picturisation
Production Values
Regular Story
Gets Predictable At Times In 2nd Half
'Radha' starts of well with the story of a kid who loves lord Krishna with an ambition of becoming Police. Debutant Director Chandra Mohan decently establishes Radha Krishna character and made audience connect with the main character. Even though there isn't much main story during first half, the movie shifts towards a love story between Sharwanand-Lavanya. Sharwanand with his performance, comedy timing made this entire track enjoyable. Meanwhile on the parallel side Villain has been established as a CM Candidate. Film reaches to an interesting Interval Point where Sharwanand gets to meet the Villain.
The second half deals with the cat and mouse game between Hero and Villain. Even though these moves are predictable, they have been dealt in entertaining manner. Film gets off the tracck with the introduction of Aksha as a second heroine followed by a mass number with both the heroines. Sharwanand's scenes with Brahmaji's daughter brings some emotional depth. Climax could have been handled better. Even with some ups and downs in second half 'Radha' manages to entertain on a whole. Music and BGM by Radhan is good. Karthik Ghattamaneni did impressive work with camera. Production Values are grand by Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra LLP banner, Producers BVSN Prasad, Bhogavalli Baapineedu are appreciable for maintaining good quality through out the film.
Bottom-Line : Passable Entertainer 
Rating : 3/5      

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