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‘Goutham Nanda’ Movie Review

Title: Goutham Nanda CBFC Rating : UA Run-Time : 2 Hrs 35 Mins Release Date : 28-07-2017 Banner : Balaji Cine Media Cast : Gopi Chand, Hansika, Catherine Music : S.S.Thaman DOP : Soundar Rajan Producer : J.Bhagawan, G.Pulla Rao Written, Directed By :Sampath Nandi


Gautham Ghattamaneni (Gopi Chand) is son of a billionaire. Gautham born with a silver spoon who always parties hard knows nothing about emotions. He gets deeply disturbed in an incident where a bar-tender questions him about his existence. Lost in his thoughts, heavily drunken Gautham takes a ride and crashes his car. During this accident he finds Nanda Kishore (Gopi Chand) who tries to kill himself by hitting Gautham's car. Nanda wants to kill himself as he was unable to live the life like he wanted. He hates to live in poverty. Knowing this Gautham proposes to exchange their places for a month to experience other's lives. What happened during these 30 days ? How they changed living their new life ? forms 'Gautham Nanda'


Gopichand impresses in both roles. He looks cool and stylish. Gopi performed well in emotional scenes and steals the show with his act during the final part of the film where his character undergoes a terrific transformation.

Hansika and Catherine adds glamour to the film. Both the heroines carried their roles neatly. Chandra Mohan impresses as middle class father. Annapurna, Seetha, Vennela Kishore, Sachin Khedkar, Mukhesh Rishi are adequate in their roles.


Gopichand In Dual Role



Production Values


Regular Story


Director Sampath Nandi who is known for packing good commercial entertainers comes up with an interesting point this time. Though the Heroes who looks alike changes their places is an age old point, He tried to showcase emptiness surrounded by abundant wealth, how desires change people, being responsible to whatever we have. Entire first half deals with the establishment of characters and how they are leading / adjusting in their new lives. Most of the time film runs in a predictable mode but saved by good dialogues to some extent. It takes a lot of time to get to the main story. Director Sampath Nandi manages to get things fall in place with an impressive twist in second half which turns the film interesting towards the end.

Music by Thaman is impressive with a couple of chart buster songs 'Zindagi Na Milegi' and 'Bole Ram'. It is his Background music which stands out in the film. He elevated the scenes further with his RR during the last half an hour. Another highlight of the film is Cinematography handled by Sounder Rajan. Film looks super rich with glossy visuals. Production Values by Balaji Cine Media are top-class. Money spent by Producers Bhagawan, Pulla Rao is clearly visible in the film.

Bottom-line: Passable Action Drama With A Twist

Rating: 3 / 5

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