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‘Rendu Rellu Aaru’ – Movie Review

Title : Rendu Rellu Aaru CBFC Rating : U Release Date : 08-07-2017 Banner : Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram, Day Dream Cast : Anil, Mahima, Aishwarya, Naresh, Ravi Kaale Music : Vijay Bulaganin DOP : Amarnath Reddy Producer : Pradeep Chandran,  A.Mohan Written & Directed By: Nandu


Raju (Naresh) and Rao (Ravi Kale) exchange their own kids at birth without knowing the condition of the other. The two live in individual houses facing each other and the kids, Maddy (Anil) and Maggie (Mahima) grow together. It is all fight initially, but soon they start loving each other. How they fall in love and what happens to them, in the end, is the overall story of the movie.


Anil makes a confident debut. He acts alongside senior artists, but he never gets overawed by them. There is good comedy timing in him, and he makes use of it well. Performance wise he is fine. Otherwise commercial aspects usually seen with heroes weren’t a necessity for the subject here.

Mahima compliments Anil in every possible way. She plays a bubbly yet tough-looking character with a strong emotional core. She puts across the emotions well. Together they look like a perfect pair that carries the fun and serious elements.

But more than the newcomers the real performers of the movie are the senior actors. Both Naresh and Ravi Kale live the characters of neighboring parents to the hilt. They give an impression of friendship for years and also communicate the father emotion very well. It is their endearing act that sticks the film together. The actresses playing their wives too did stellar jobs.

Tagubothu Ramesh handles comedy. After a long gap, her gets to play a comedy role that doesn’t have the usual alcoholic stupor associated with him. He was still as good as he is when playing those drunkard roles.



Senior actor’s performances


Background score


Gets silly at times


Nandu Mallela has taken a different subject to debut. It highlights the importance of living and enjoying the present instead of worrying too much about the future. Worrying too much will only make the current rough. The point has been put across well through the characters of Maddy and Maggie.

The opening of Rendu Rellu Aaru perfectly establishes the characters and the plot and from there on it flows smoothly with few twists and turns in the narrative. The interval will pleasantly surprise the viewers. The second half is filled with entertainment and emotion in equal doses. Slightly more effort could have been put in the climax though as the point, it wants to convey at comes at the very end.

Music by Vijay Bulganin is decent, but it is the background score where he shines. The cinematography is fine for a small budget film. Editing is neat. Dialogues are good. Production values are good. Producer Sai Korrapati deserves kudos for taking up a little movie like this and promoting it.

Bottom-line:: A Refreshing ‘Love-Life’ Story

Rating:: 3/5

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