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“I Cannot Imagine Anyone Else Besides Mahesh In ‘Spyder’ ” – Director A.R.Murugadoss

Superstar Mahesh's next 'Spyder' in AR Murugadoss's direction is nearing it's completion. Presented by Tagore Madhu, NVR Cinemas LLP and Reliance Entertainments, N.V.Prasad Produced this high budgeted flick in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Arabic languages. Film is currently in its post-production stages. Makers planning to release the film in highest number of theatres worldwide on September 27th as Dussehra gift. Here's the interview with the man behind 'Spyder', Director A.R.Murugadoss

How has Spyder shaped up?

Spyder has come out extraordinarily. We are pleased with it. It is my straight movie after Stalin and after a decade in Telugu.

I saw the movie Okkadu in Vijayawada. It was two weeks after the festival but watching in the theatre felt like a festival. I liked the casual yet intense and subtle act of Mahesh Babu in the film. Then when I was working for Stalin, Pokiri team were canning a song around the same time. Then Paruchuri Venkateshwara Rao introduced Mahesh to me. Later when I met him again, I said that I want to make a film together. He also reacted positively, but I got busy with Hindi Ghajini.

Finally, when we decided to do a movie, we thought of the current story and as a bilingual. The story must have heroism. It must be liked by family, fans, regular audience alike. Since it is also the debut of Mahesh Babu in Tamil, there must a perfect balance. Therefore we decided the script to be modern. Entire dubbing work of the movie is complete. Only one song is remaining to be shot. I feel after waiting for ten years we have come up with a right film. Telugu and Tamil audience will love it.

How was it working with Mahesh Babu?

I have worked with many stars, and I have traveled with Mahesh Babu for more than a year, I can confidently say that there is no one like Mahesh Babu. His working style cannot be compared with anyone else. I wish that every director makes a film once with Mahesh Babu. He is a director’s actor.

We shot 80 days in the night for Spyder. He was very cooperative. After locking the script, he never interfered with it. He put in a lot effort. I haven’t seen any other star put in such hard work. “You look at the final output. If there is a need to add scenes then do it, I am ready to do it. Only when you are done with the movie, I’ll move to my next project”, said the star to me. It was exciting to see such commitment. I cannot imagine anyone else besides him in the project. We shot the film in two languages simultaneously, but Mahesh never complained about it and cooperated coolly.

Did you meet Mahesh Babu frequently before Spyder?

Yes, we used to meet at least once in a year. We even met during Kaththi. Whenever I used to meet him, he was in the middle of a project and dates were not got. That’s why for Spyder we got the dates before hand and planned a bilingual. I narrated the Spyder line during the time of Tamil audio launch of Srimanthudu. Later, in Hyderabad, I narrated him twenty minutes story. In the movies I did Ghajini, and Thuppaakki were stylish films, Ramana and Kaththi were emotional. When we thought of a movie together, we got Spyder, a modern cinema.

Will it be like a James Bond movie?

Spyder is not an entirely futuristic movie like James Bond. It is a spy film. In the current situation in the country, how is the intelligence unit operating in India? What are they doing for the country and us? This is what we show in Spyder. There is a lot of emotion. Usually, my films contain message indirectly Spyder will be no different. There will be the message regarding humanity.

Why did you make Spyder in Hindi?

Spyder was planned as a Telugu and Tamil bilingual. We did not plan it in Hindi. This is the first time I am making a film like that. It took longer than I expected as a result. We can manage if its two languages.

Are there different climaxes in Telugu and Tamil?

No, there is nothing like that. The climax will be same in two languages. We have shot every scene separately for two languages. Even the silent scenes were shot twice.

Tell us about producers?

It was always going to be a big budget movie in our combination. So, we needed a producer who also loved movies. I have known Tagore Madhu and Tirupati Prasad for a long time. When Mahesh mentioned them as producers, I immediately said yes as I have known them for a very long time. The cost of the film escalated further during the making. It has turned out more grandeur than we initially planned. The producers never compromised and encouraged me to make it even better. In every issue, they were like strong pillars and made the movie with great love.

Wasn’t Pariniti Chopra considered as the heroine before?

Yes, it is true that we considered her. But as the movie is being as bilingual in Telugu and Tamil, we thought it would be best, if the heroine had no problem with those languages. Otherwise, it would be difficult making the film. We were told that Rakul Preet Singh has no such problem and we immediately got her on board.

What’s the reason for taking SJ Suryah as the villain?

It is not necessary that the villain has to be six feet height with six pack body. Our story demands a cerebral villain. He attacks the hero by staying in shadows through guerrilla attacks. We thought SJ Suryah was apt for such a part. Besides we are also great pals. I worked in direction department for a month approximately for SJ Suryah’s Kushi very early in my career. Bharath also acts as a villain in this movie. There will be no suspense if I talk about him right now itself.

What message would be present in Spyder?

People are bored and irritated with messages. They get it all day long in one way or the other. So, as I said earlier, the message will not be directly visible in the film rather it would be indirect. But more than the message the content should be such that it does not spoil the audience. It is better to give no message at all rather than giving the wrong message. For example, when a big star like Mahesh Babu smokes on screen, his fans will blindly follow it. You won’t find scenes like that in the movie. Films impact the people, we must, therefore, be responsible.

How many languages will Spyder release?

Apart from Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam, the producers are planning to release Spyder in Arabic version in Gulf countries. All versions will hit the screens on September 27 worldwide.

Upcoming projects?

My next will be in Tamil. Discussions are going on currently. Also, whenever I make next in Bollywood, it will be a straight film. I have met Salman Khan and narrated basic idea, character, and interval bang. He liked it immensely. But when I am done with my film, he gets busy with a new project. I have to wait for them, and it is the case with any big hero. I have also told a story to Rajinikanth, and he also liked it. But he is busy with 2.0 and Kaala. After the completion of those two movies, it will be the turn of my film. If all the dates work out the movie will be on sets.

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