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‘LIE’ Movie Review

Title: LIE CBFC Rating : U Run-Time : 2 Hrs 24 Mins Release Date : 11-08-2017 Banner : 14 Reels Enetertainments Pvt Ltd Cast : Nithiin, Arjun, Megha Akash Music : Mani Sharma DOP : Yuvaraj Producer : Raam Achanta, Gopi Achanta, Anil Sunkara Written, Directed By :Hanu Raghavapudi


Padmanabham (Arjun) is a renowned magician who is known for his famous rope trick. But, no one knows that he is a Criminal who is a Master of Disguise. Indian Police fails to catch him when they had an opportunity in 1996. After 19 years in 2017, they find another way to catch him. A.Sathyam (Nithiin) is a happy go lucky guy roaming in old city dreaming about getting married to a foreign girl in USA. Chaitra (Megha Akash) has a bucket list to do. As a part of it Chaitra wants to travel USA. To reduce costs she needs to travel with Sathyam who is also going to US to find a girl to marry. How these two fall for each other ? Why Sathyam tries to catch Padmanabham ? What is his actual plan ? forms 'LIE'


Nithiin undergoes different makeover with a beard for this film. He looks cool and handsome in his new avatar. Performance wise he is getting better and better with every film. He did justice to his role in both the shades as a lover and as a guy who is determined to catch the criminal.

Action King Arjun who played the baddie for the first time in Telugu films is one of the major highlights of the film. His role as Padmanabham is very well written and Arjun completely owned the character. He is terrific as a cold blooded criminal who acts intelligently to keep himself ten steps ahead from police. His one-on-one scenes with Nithiin are a treat to watch.

First timer Megha Akash looks cute as Chaitra. She has ample screen time in first half where she did her part pretty well. Others like Sree Ram, Ravi Kishan, Nazar, Ajay, Madhu, Prudhvi, Brahmaji are adequate to their roles.


Nithiin , Arjun Performances

Arjun's Villain Characterisation

Twists In Narration

BGM, Cinematography

Lavish Production Values


Less Comedy

Hurried Climax


'LIE' has a very interesting plot, An operation to catch international criminal mastermind involving mind games between Hero & Villain is definitely an exciting story to tell. Film starts off interestingly by introducing and establishing all characters. Director Hanu Raghavapudi cleverly involves all the characters to an ongoing manhunt mission. Though after sometime the love track acts as a bummer to ongoing game between Hero & Villain, the well conceived interval episode keeps us hooked to the main story.

Second half completely deals with the one-on-one game between determined hero and deadly villain. At a point the film gets repetitive and drags in second half. Slow proceedings also makes the film flatter at times. But, the Villain's characterization and Twists which are cleverly induced holds the film. Climax could have been better, it looks hurried after a long chase for villain. Well written screenplay in second half would have made this a perfect action thriller.

Background Music by Mani Sharma is another highlight of the film. 'Bombhaat' song is already a chart buster and comes at the right time in the film. Cinematography by Yuvaraj is classy. He brings richness to the film with his glossy frames perfectly capturing the streets of US. Action part is splendid in Hollywood style. Kudos to '14 Reels' for their ultra rich production values. It is because of their uncompromising attitude, the film looks so lavish on screen. Producers are appreciable for delivering a superior quality product.

Bottom-line: Engaging Action Thriller With Style

Rating: 3 / 5

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