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‘Paisa Vasool’ Movie Review

Title :Paisa Vasool CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 22 Mins Release Date : 01-09-2017 Banner : Bhavya Creations Cast : NBK, Shriya Saran, Musskan Sethi, Kyra Dutt, Vikramjeet, Ali, Kabir Bedi, Prudhvi, Pavithra Lokesh and Others Music : Anup Rubens DOP : G.Mukesh Producer : V.Anand Prasad Direction: Puri Jagan


Bob Marley (Vikramjeet) is an international Don who operates from Portugal. Minister from Hyderabad backs him. To eliminate Bob Marley RAW agency launches an unofficial mission. For this mission they are in search for a ruthless gangster. Out of nowhere Theda Sigh (Nandamuri Bala Krishna) drops into Hyderabad and falls for Haarika (Musskan). Theda Singh saves her from the attack of Bob Marley gang who were after her sister Saarika (Shriya). Why Bob Marley gang is after Saarika ? Who actually Theda Sigh is ? Forms 'Paisa Vasool'.


It is Balakrishna Nandamuri's show all the way. The main USP of the film is his unique characterisation. Balayya entertains in his new avatar. He is full of energy and lively throughout the film. Be it Dances, Fights, Punch Dialogues Balakrishna carried the entire film with his newly found swag. Some of the scenes and dialogues are treat for fans.

Shriya Saran looks good and had a crucial role in the story. Her chemistry with Balayya looks good onscreen. Villain Vikramjeet suits perfect as a menacing Don. Other two heroines Musskan, Kayraa who shares songs in first half could have been better. Others like Kabir Bedi, Prudhvi, Pavithra Lokesh are adequate. Ali did a cameo in this film.


NBK's Energetic Performance

Puri Jagan's Whacky Characterisation of Hero & Dialogues

Action Sequences

Music & Cinematography

Rich Production Values


Lack of strong story

Predictable second half


Puri Jagan who is known for his crazy charectisations of his heroes joins hands with Balakrishna for the first time. Puri succeeded in presenting Balayya in a never seen avatar which is a feast for his fans to watch. He entirely concentrated on Balayya and wrote some really good Punch dialogues which worked out well especially during the interval episode. Many dialogues reflects Balayya in real life and they rightly strikes the chord.

First half of the film is entertaining with Balakrishna's energetic performance as Theda Singh. Actual story, mission of Theda Singh revealed in second half where this part resembles many Puri Jagan's previous films. The idea of having the real climax in flash back itself is impressive. Film could have been better during the last 20 minutes after revealing the original identity of Theda Singh.

Technically film looks rich with good Cinematography. Mukesh's camera work stands as one of the highlights capturing beautiful picturesque locales of Europe. Anup's Music is good with catchy 'Mama Ek Peg La' sung by Balayya himself. BGM is adequate. Production Values by Bhavya Creations Anand Prasad are quite rich with Couple of appealing sets erected in first half. Second half looks lavish.

Bottom-Line : NBK, Puri Delivered 'Paisa Vasool' Entertainment

Rating : 3/5

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