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SPYder Review

Title :SPYder CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 25 Mins Release Date : 27-09-2017 Banner : NVR Cinemas Cast : Mahesh Babu, RakulPreet, SJ Suryah, Bharat, Preyadarshi, RJ Balaji, Jayaprakash and Others Music : Harris Jayaraj DOP : Santosh Sivan Producer : Tagore Madhu - NVPrasad Direction: ARMurugadoss


Shiva (Mahesh Babu) is an Intelligence Bureau officer working with a passion for solving people's problem. When a girl and cop are murdered and mutilated into pieces, Shiva (Mahesh Babu) comes to know about Bhairavudu (SJ Surya), a psycho. How Shiva (Mahesh Babu) hunts the criminal and punishes him is the main plot of the movie.


Mahesh Babu is just superlative as the Intelligence Officer. He lives the role and leaves us with a memorable character once again to the audience in the form of Shiva. On the surface, it might look like another commercial hero character, but when we look deep into it, we realize that how devoid is it of the usual commercial trapping of a star hero.

The character is that of a regular guy who is super sharp in few aspects. Right from the onset, that is established, and it remains that way till the end. The interaction with psycho and hospital scene, once again highlight the intense performance that Mahesh Babu can deliver.

Rakul Preet Singh is bubbly and vivacious as the character demands. She looks good in songs and plays her cute part well in the film.

SJ Surya is a surprise package. He delivers in the scenes that require him to be chilling. Priyadarshi is good as hero’s friend. Jayaprakash shows his worth in an all-important convincing scene of the hero. Bharath needs to be appreciated for taking up such a role.


Mahesh Babu Murugadoss’s Intelligent Screenplay Racy Narration Top Notch Production Values


Flat At Times


Director AR Murugadoss is one of the biggest names in Indian cinema. He is known for his intelligent screenplays and racy movies. Spyder is no different. Right from the first frame till the end the director keeps us hooked with the narration that is full of surprises.

The first half of the film is used to establish the main characters and set up. Once that is done, we get right into the story, and the director never gives us the gap to think. The narrative moves from one high point to other with jet speed. An interesting aspect t note here is that usually, the heroine tracks feels like an add-on and speed breaker to the flow, but in Spyder, they are neatly merged.

After a solid interval mark, Spyder begins the second half with similar pace, but things get bigger and better. Few action blocks will surely blow the minds. While the catching of villains using the ladies is a terrific idea conceptually, the rock scene and the hospital climax show the grand making style of the director. On both the intelligence and ambitious aspect with world-class VFX, Spyder scores heavily. Dialogues written by AR Murugadoss further elevate the tension and proceedings.

Harris Jayaraj has given terrific background score. There are many scenes which give goosebumps feelings due to the background music. Santosh Sivan shows why he is a legendary cinematographer with his work. Editing is superb. The production values by NV Prasad and Tagore Madhu are extraordinary. They deserve kudos on their back for backing a large product like Spyder.

Bottom-line: Riveting Thriller

Rating: 3.75/5

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