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‘C/O Surya’ Review

Title : C/O Surya CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 06 Mins Release Date : 10-11-2017 Banner : Lakshmi Narasimha Entertainments Cast : Sundeep Kishan, Mehreen Kaur Pirzaada, Vikranth, Harish Utthaman, Sathya & Others DOP : Lakshman Kumar

Music : D Imman Producers : Chakri Chigurupati Written & Directed By : Suseenthiran

Surya (Sundeep Kishan) and Mahesh (Vikranth) are thick friends. In an unexpected turn of events, Surya (Sundeep Kishan) gets Mahesh arrested. Why did Surya (Sundeep Kishan) take that step and what happens afterward is the basic story of the film.
Sundeep Kishan is superb in the role of a typical middle-class guy who fears to get involved in fights. He shows variation in his body language and transforms very powerfully when necessary.
Mehreen has a small but lovely role in the movie. She helps in adding glamor and humor in equal proportions whenever she arrives.
Harish Uttaman as the villain is terrific. His body language and get up everything is perfect which gives him a killer presence. Vikranth is fine in a role that is as important as the hero.
Comedian Sathya is impressive whereas veteran actress Thulasi is aggressive and too loud for comfort at times. The rest of the characters are adequate.
Sundeep Kishan
Second Half
Takes time to get into story
Director Suseenthiran comes up with another story that is right down his ally. Here we have a middle-class guy Surya, and he has a threat from a local goon. He has to save his close ones. The staging is right, and the villain is superb. The tension between the protagonist and antagonist are neatly established as well. The problem is the director takes time to get in the main plot and when that kicks in the time taken to set the whole thing looks wasted.
The first half which uses most of its time for building the characters and underlying conflict is okay. It is in the second half where the excitement lies. There are few blocks which give us edge of the set feeling. The hero and villain angle is well worked out. The climax is satisfying. In the end, C/O is well constructed, albeit a bit predictable work that is an engaging film nonetheless.
The background score by D Imman over shines the music. It is sensational. The cinematography and editing are neat. Production values are apt for the setting. The choreography of songs is classy.
Bottom-line : Partly Engaging
Rating : 3/5

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