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‘Detective’ Movie Review

Title : Detective CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 36 Mins Release Date : 10-11-2017 Banner : Hari Venkateswara Films, Vishal Film Factory Cast : Vishal, Prasanna, Andrea, Anu Emmanuel, Vinay and Others Music : Arrol Correlli DOP : Karthick Producers : G.Hari Written & Directed By : Mysskin


Advaitha Bhushan (Vishal) is a Detective accompanied by his friend Mano (Prasanna). One day a boy comes to Detective to solve the mystery behind the murder of his dog. In his investigation Advaitha finds that there is much bigger mystery behind the dog's killing. Meanwhile Police seeks Advaitha's help to solve a case. Advaitha finds that there is a link between the Dog's case and suspicious killings. WHat is the link ? Who is behind all these ? How Advaitha ends all this together forms an exciting tale.
Vishal is terrific in the role of a 'Detective'. We get to see a new Vishal in this film. He played the character with more subtleness compared to his previous films. Vishal aces the role which is apt for him, A Detective with terrific action skills. A particular scene in second half where a lead character dies stands as an example how good is Vishal in this film. He gave exemplary performance in this scene. Advaitha Bhushan will be remembered as one of the memorable characters Vishal played.
Prasanna did the role of a sidekick to Vishal and he is perfect. Anu Emmanuel impresses with her homely looks and decent performance. Andrea played the role with negative shades and she is perfect with her killer looks. Vinay who usually play the roles of a chocolate boy played as the main antagonist and he looks deadly.
Vishal's Terrific Performance
Mysskin's Engaging Narration
Arrol Correlli's BGM
Rich Technicalities
Production Values
Slow At Times
As Director Mysskin acknowledged the works of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes in credits, He moulded Detective's character on the lines of Sherlock Holmes with his own touch. Mysskin engages the audience with his unique narrative style which comprises different camera angles, frames. He succeeds in creating tension in scenes with his stylized taking. The Murders Orchestrated by Devil's (Vinay) gang  are interesting and the way they are executed keeps us hooked till the end. The way he unfolds the main story from the death of a dog to revealing a ruthless killer is praiseworthy. Though the film gets slow at times, still it is necessary to get used to characters. The Action Part in this film is top notch. The Chinese restaurant fight, Bike chase, and climax in a mangrove forest are excellently choreographed and executed.
Arrol Correlli's  re-recording elevated the film to another level. His BGM enhanced the mood and brings intensity to scene wherever it is needed. Cinematography by Karthick is superbly done with excellent visuals. Mysskin's arresting narration is backed by top rated BGM and Cinematography. Film is technically rich with top class Production Values. Dubbing is neatly done and we don't get any feel that we are watching a dubbing film. Producer G.Hari must be appreciated for his efforts to present a quality film.
Bottom-Line : Highly Engaging Thriller
Rating : 3.5/5

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