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‘Mental Madilo’ Review

Title :Mental Madhilo CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 22 Mins Release Date : 24-11-2017 Banner : Dharmapathy Creations Cast : Sree Vishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj, Sivajiraja and Others Music : Prashanth R Vihari DOP : Vedaraman Producer : Raj Kandukuri Direction: Vivek Athreya


Right from childhood Aravind (Sree Vishnu) can’t choose between two things. It is his weakness. It leads to a big problem for his father who is looking to get him married. Aravind (Sree Vishnu) finally finds a girl, and everything seems happy till another girl enters his life. Who will Aravind (Sree Vishnu) choose? Can he make a judgment?


Sree Vishnu is fantastic in the role of a confused guy. He brings out the timid yet casualness of the character to the fore without either overdoing it or making it showy. He is simple, effective, and brilliant.

Nivetha Pethuraj compliments the lead actor all the way. It is her ability to generate a chemistry that elevates her performance further.

Shivaji Raja enthralls the audience with his immensely lovable fatherly act. It takes us back to the Amrutham days. The rest of the actors are perfectly suitable for their parts and make the whole set up come alive.


Sree Vishnu Nivetha Characterization First half


Parts of second half


Vivek Athreya has picked up a simple story that would be predictable from the word go. What makes it interesting is the narration. The director has brought alive the simplistic middle class looking atmosphere and values on screen with along with its set of funny quirks.

In that middle-class mix, we also have a relatable character that instantly reminds us of many moments of our life. Not everyone would be as portrayed by the lead hero, but there would be such situations without any doubt. It is this connectivity that engages initially and makes the entire first half a lovely watch.

The problem occurs in the second half when the story shifts to Mumbai. The emotional connect is missing as it feels rushed. The director wants to arrive at a point, and it feels the whole thing is reverse-engineered to reach that. Still, it all comes out well in the end. The comedy is refreshing, and the dialogues are excellent without needless punches. Everything feels so natural with a little bit amped up theatrics for the big screen.

Music by Prasanth R Vihari is superb. It goes with the slow of the movie without disturbing it. The cinematography by Vedaraman suits the mood of the film and enhances its appeal. Viplav edits the frames crisply. Producer Raj Kandukuri and presenters Suresh Production must be appreciated for backing a small and sweet movie that is high in content.

Bottom-line: No Second Option-Go Watch It

Rating: 3.25/5

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