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“OkkaKshanam” Review

Title :OkkaKshanam CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 35 Mins Release Date : 28-12-2017 Banner : Lakshmi Narasimha Entertainments Cast : Allu Sirish, Surbhi, Seerat Kapoor, Avasarala Srinivas, Dasari Arun Kumar and Others Music : Manisharma DOP : Syam.K.Naidu Producer : Chakri Chigurupati Direction: VIAnand


Jeeva (Allu Sirish), Jyothsna (Surabhi) falls for each other in love-at-first-sight. While everything going smooth for them, they come accross married couple Srinivas (Srinivas Avasarala) - Swathi (Seerat kapoor) who lives in neighbouring flat of Jyothsna. It seems like they are having issues in their marriage and Srinivas is the reason for Swathi's suffering. When Jyo asks Jeeva to find the problem, Jeeva gets close to Srinivas. To his shock, He finds that the things happened between Srinivas and Swathi are happening to him and Jyo. Then they came to know about Parallel Life concept from a proffessor (Jayaprakash). This parallel life worries Jyo as will she also suffer like Swathi in future with Jeeva. Things get more complicated with a twist during interval. What happened then ? How Jeeva - Jyo escaped their bad destiny forms the rest of the story ?


Allu Sirish did fine as Jeeva. He has improved from his previous outings and showed mature performance in emotional scenes especially during climax. He did decent job as a lover who fights to save his love.

Surabhi scores lookswise and she did commendable job in her given role. Seerat is just okay and Srinivas Avasarala is adequate. Dasari Arun Kumar made a surprise comeback with this film and he did okay in his role.


Parallel Life Concept

Interval Episode

Second Half

Background Score


Love Track In First Half

Slow Pace Narration


Director V.I.Anand who delivered superhit 'Ekkadiki Pothaavu Chinnavada', comes up with an interesting concept called 'Parallel Life'. Film begins slow with love track between lead pair. Scenes during this love track are ordinary and didn't make much impression. But, film gets interesting with the introduction of 'Parallel Life' concept. Things get intense as well as interesting towards interval. Second starts off well with more twists and turns. Director handled second half well with his taut screenplay. But, as the story moves forward towards the end, It takes another turn which leads to solving a murder mystery. Things get predictable from here. However Director managed to link 'Parallel Life' concept during climax effectively. More engaging narration with less duration would have taken this film to next level.

Music by Mani Sharma is okay.It is his background score which elevated many scenes. CInematography by Syam K Naidu is glossy and gave rich look to the film. Editing by Chota K Prasad is okay. Production Values maintained by Producer Chakri Chigurupati are good and helped the film to look rich and colorful.

Bottom-Line : Decent Thriller Engaging In Parts

Rating : 3/5

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