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‘Rangula Raatnam’ Review

Title :RangulaRaatnam CBFC Rating : U Run-Time : 2 Hrs 17 Mins Release Date : 14-01-2018 Banner : Annapurna Studios Cast : RajTarun, Chitra Shukla, Priyadarshi, Sithara and Others Music : Sricharan DOP : :K.Vijay Producer : Annapurna Studios Direction: SreeRanjani


Vishnu (Raj Tharun) falls in love with Keerthi (Chitra Shukla) instantly. But he is hesitant to say it to her. Finally, when he tells her, it is at the most inappropriate time. Did Keerthi (Chitra Shukla) accept Vishnu’s (Raj Tharun), love? What is their problem and how their love story ends?


Raj Tharun shows versatility and comes up with a different body language and mature action. Three scenes stand out for his performance. The pre-interval, breakup and the climax portions highlight the acting potential he has in him.

Chitra Shukla has done a good job in a character that is opposite of the regular happy-go-lucky heroines we usually see in commercial Telugu movies. She manages to engage with a convincing performance.

Sithara is seen in a very crucial role of mother. She lives her part literally with motherly love. Priyadarshi as a hero’s friend is terrific and adds a lot of fun to the movie. The rest of the actors are apt for their parts, even though they have small roles.


Raj Tharun

Emotional Quotient




Gets slow at times


Shree Ranjani makes debut as a director with a challenging movie. It is not that there is a sweeping story or anything, but it is a simple story that requires many aspects to come together making a director’s job difficult. Since Shree Ranjani gets the best out of those areas, he makes an impressive debut.

The film rests on small moments that a son and mother go through. It also simultaneously looks at relationships between lovers. How the mother imagines the life of son turns a reality, through lover and soon to be wife is very delicately and patiently shown.

The second half is where all the content lies. It appears a little boring on the surface but once we connect with the characters, their problems all seem genuine, and the audience at a vital juncture feel the same pain of the lead in the lead. The climax is again dealt with right mixture and humor. Overall, Rangula Ratnam is a perfect outing for a family in the holiday season with a right blend of love and emotional drama.

The music by Sricharan Pakala is fantastic and suits perfectly to the narrative. The background score is equally fab. The cinematography is beautiful whereas editing keeps the movie and its emotions together. The writing is solid, and production values of Annapurna Studios are good.

Bottom-line: Sankranthi Family Treat

Rating: 3/5

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