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Karthavyam Movie Review

Title :Karthavyam CBFC Rating : U Run-Time : 2 Hrs Release Date : 16-03-2018 Banner : Trident Arts - Northstar Entertainment Cast : Nayanthara, Ramachandra Durairaj, Sanu Lakshmi and Others Music : Ghibran DOP : Om Prakash Producer : Sharath Marar - R.Ravindran Direction: Gopi Nainar


In the draught hit village, a girl Dhansika falls into an unmanned empty bore well. When IAS officer Madhuvarshini (Nayanthara) becomes aware of the situation, she immediately does all that can be done to rescue the baby. What are the problems she faced and how it impacts her as a responsible citizen of the democracy is the basic story?


Nayanthara is terrific in the role of an IAS officer. She makes a substantial impact without playing it to the galleries or going overboard dramatically. She is restrained but pulls off the drama with high intensity. In the end, her actions, on screen, are sure to change our views towards democracy and its values.

Ramachandra Durairaj and Sanu Lakshmi as the couple is distraught are terrific. They show the pain of poor incapable parents with suppressed dreams for children very well. The rest of the cast is apt for the roles they have been picked.






Not much


Gopi Nainar presents a movie that is based on a real incident and narrates it in a hard-hitting and realistic manner. Right from the first frame until the end, he maintains a solid grip on the content without deviating from it.

The way the characters, the location, and their problems and finally the incident is unveiled is a lesson in seamless screenwriting and execution. We are drawn into the world that is shown, and as its based on real events that occurred previously, it hits us at gut level leaving us out of words. One can’t help but feel sympathetic to the conditions that shown and the trauma that the principal characters go through.

Both the halves are filled with emotional blocks and moving scenes. The mass mania and political chaos are also well captured. Overall, Karthvyam is a film that should not be missed. Sharrath Marrar deserves all the praises for bringing this film to Telugu audience.

The background score by Ghibran is adequate the proceedings. The cinematography by Om Prakash is superb. Editing by Ruben is first-rate. Dubbing is top class. The dialogues are excellent.

Bottom-line: An Engaging Realistic Dramatic Thriller

Rating: 3/5

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