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Rajaratham Movie Review

Title :Rajaratham

CBFC Rating :U

Run-Time :2 Hrs 23 Mins

Release Date :23-03-2018

Banner :Jolly Hits

Cast :Nirup Bhandari, Avantika Shetty, Rana, Arya and Others

Music :Anup Bhandari - Ajaneesh

DOP :William

Producers :Ajay Reddy, Anju Vallabhaneni, Vishu Dakappadari, Satish Sastry

Direction:Anup Bhandari


Abhi (Nirup Bhandari) loves Megha (Avantika Shetty) from the college days. However, he has not been able to express his love to her. The chance comes to him when they travel on Rajaratham, a bus, to Bangalore.

Vishwa (Arya) is a member of Praja Raksha Dalam, and he is foxed into creating a riot in an area to deviate attention from the corruption charges of the Chief Minister as the elections are approaching. How the two seemingly unrelated stories merge and what happens, in the end, is the essential story?


Nirup Bhandari is lovable as the sincere lover trying to woo the girl being to be the regular hero type. There is an innocent looking charm in the actor’s face that works to his advantage. The dances are also fine.

Avantika Shetty is perfect in the attractive and happy on the outside but with a distressed sort of girl. She does her part well and helps in building the chemistry with the lead.

Arya plays a supporting role in the movie. But his presence is felt throughout the film and is powerful. He has done a great job and stands out among the varied cast. Ravi Shankar in a brief appearance is unmissable.

There is many known and unknown cast, part of the bus trip with the voiceover provided by Rana Daggubati. They are okay.







Technical Values


The screenplay leaves one confused at times


Multiple awards winner Anup Bhandari is back with his new outing after debut Ranagitharanga. Once again he has picked up a fascinating subject which is sure to get a resonance, in the end. The message is a significant one in the current times.

The film runs on two parallel tracks, and they converge towards the climax. The love story is a simple one with very compelling and relatable scenes. The lead pair further elevates them along with the music. The political track might look little out of place initially, but it is very neatly concluded.

The further distinguished and notable thing is the screenplay. It is unique and takes times to get used to as it might be confusing. But it sure does spice things up and keeps the film away from turning into a boring flick. Overall, for the uniquely structured and executed outing, 'Rajaratham' is a good one time watch.

Music by Anup Bhandari is excellent, and Ajneesh compliments it well with the background score. The cinematography is beautiful in parts. The editing could have been better. The dialogues are funny and thought-provoking. The production values by 'Jolly Hits' are excellent, and the producers need to be lauded for taking up such a subject and giving a strong message of unity in the times of divisiveness.

Bottom LineA Trip That Is Worth It


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