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‘Rangasthalam’ Movie Review

Chitti Babu , Sukumar Together Made 'Rangasthalam' Mesmerizing

Story :

Story set in 1980's with a backdrop of a fictional village 'Rangasthalam'. Chitti Babu (Ram Charan) a hearing impaired engine mechanic falls for Rama Lakshmi (Samantha), a girl from his village. Meanwhile Kumar Babu (Aadhi) who is brother of Chitti Babu questions the atrocities of village president Phanindra Bhupathi (Jagapathi Babu) and decides to contest in president elections against Phanindra Bhupathi. Village has a rumour that whoever went against President in their village found dead and they were all killed by president's men. Knowing this Chitti Babu decides to save his brother. What happens next follows the story.

Performances :

Ram Charan is the heart of Rangasthalam. He is front and centre of all the happening in Rangasthalam, the movie and he carries the entire film on his shoulders. The difference between this and other similar attempts is the act. The star makes his part irreplaceable. We cannot imagine anyone else. Ram Charan has immortalised himself as Chittibabu in Telugu cinema annals. Many scenes show his dramatic and comic skills. All his scenes with Samantha show the fun side, whereas the scenes involving Aadhi shows the dramatic side. The climax is just sensational. It is a performance of a lifetime and people will remember, Ram Charan, the actor before and after Rangasthalam.

Samantha is a dominant driving force in the first half. Not that she is any less in the second one, but her romantic scenes in the first one hour bring out the most entertaining moments. She appears in a raw and rustic avatar but never loses the charm and doesn’t fail to generate the chemistry. All her scenes with Charan are a hoot.

Aadhi as Kumar Babu, the brother of Chitti Babu did a very good role. He did complete justice to his role with his impressive performance. It is due to his bonding with Chitti Babu (Ram Charan) scenes involving the brothers came out very well. Among the others Jagapathi Babu looks menacing as an evil President. Though he speaks very little in the film, he did great with his villainous act. Prakash Raj did a small yet crucial role and he is at his usual best. Naresh did good in the father role. Anasuya as Rangammattha is a surprise and she did a commendable job.


Ram Charan Performance

Sukumar’s Direction

DSP Music and BGM

Technical Marvel


Gets slow at times in the second half


Director Sukumar burst on to the scene with the very relatable Arya. It was the story of a one-sided lover that everyone identified. It has an inheriting narrative logic or engaging lock that soon later become a trademark of the director.

In the years following the debut, Sukumar’s film became more and more about the “logic” rather than the simple narration of the story. After many years, the director has returned to the simple narrative with Rangasthalam. The result is fabulous as one would expect from him.

In Rangasthalam the director focuses on creating characters that are relatable and a developing an environment that is at once nostalgic and visually arresting. When a filmmaker hits it right on all these accounts, there is bound to be magic, and that is precisely what we see with Rangasthalam.

There are issues with the pace, and the story is predictable when we think about it keeping the images out of mind. But when we watch it on screen, no matter how predictable the story might be, the on-screen bonding between the brothers will make us root for them to win, the romantic track of Chittibabu and Ramalakshmi is sure to bring a smile. That’s the mark of a winner which is Rangasthalam.

Music director Devi Sri Prasad has done fabulous work. The music and the background score both are fabulous. The cinematography is top notch, and editing is smooth. The artwork is extraordinary. The production values by 'Mythri movie Makers' are stunning. It is not an easy task to recreate the environment of 80's village. The Producers need to be appreciated for taking up a subject like this. With 'Rangasthalam' Mythri Movie Makers' scored Hat-Trick success.

Bottom-line: Chittibabu’s Tour De Force

Rating: 3.5/5

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