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Chal Mohana Ranga Review

Title : Chal Mohana Ranga CBFC Rating : U Run-Time : 2 Hrs 28 Mins Release Date : 05-04-2018 Banner : PKCW-SreshthMovies Cast : Nithin, Megha, Lizzy, RaoRamesh, Prabhas Sreenu, Sathya, Madhu Nandam, Narra Srinivas and Others Music : Thaman.SS DOP : Natarajan Producer : SudhakarReddy Direction: Krishna Chaithanya Story: The journey of Mohan Ranga (Nithiin) and Megha (Megha Aakash) from childhood, how they meet and later get separated and then meet again. The backdrop changes at different stages of their life from the US to the Coonoor and love that develops in between is the overall story of the film. Performances: Nithiin is fabulous in a genre that he has slowly but surely mastered. It is like he can go n wrong and hits all the right notes of generating chemistry. He presents the character of Mohan Ranga beautifully connecting the audience with his screen presence and pure histrionics. There is nothing too over dramatic. Megha Aakash is a delight to watch on the big screen. Her pair with Nithiin on display is impressive. Together they look beautiful and convincing as lovers or as a pair that is slowing getting madly in love. She also matches few steps with Nithiin who is a pro when it comes to dancing. Lissy appears on big screen after a long gap in Telugu. She is perfect for her part and adds a certain aura and graciousness to it. Rao Ramesh too makes a similar effort, which we have seen many times before and yet he manages to stand out. Prabhas Seenu, Sathya, Madhu Nandam, Narra Srinivas etc. play other supporting lead providing the comedy. They all do their parts well. Positives: Lead Pair Comedy Songs First Half Negatives: Gets slow and slightly repetitive in the second half Analysis: A love story is all about engaging with the lead pair and connecting to their emotions. When that happens no matter how routine or mundane the script might be, it works with the audience. Director Krishna Chaitanya can be credited to be partially successful on that count. There is beautiful chemistry going on between the lead pair, Nithiin and Megha Aakash. The songs featuring them together are breezy and instantly connecting. They engage the audience with whatever is given to them. But, at two and half hour length, there is only so much a pair, and a musician can do without enough gripping content. The first half sails through comfortably with the right amount of romance and comedy. The second half shifts to drama right from the beginning. The predictability hits us soon, but few well-timed and cut comedy blocks and entertaining segments keep one hooked. Again, the repetitiveness and regular story content hamper the progress, and the movie ends on an okay note. SS Thaman has done a fabulous job as music director. He has poured his heart and soul into it and delivered songs and score that would be among the highlights of the movie. The cinematography is brilliant. Editing is sharp. The writing is first-rate. The production values are fantastic and deserve mention for making the film on a grand scale. Bottom-line: Delightful Rom-com Rating: 3/5

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