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Mehbooba Movie Review

Title :Mehbooba CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 32 Mins Release Date : 11-05-2018 Banner : Puri Touring Talikes Cast : Akash Puri, Neha Shetty, Vishu Reddy, Murali Sharma, Sayaji Shinde, Ashwini Kalshekar and Others Music : Sandeep Chowtha DOP : Vishnu Sharma Producer : Puri Connects Direction: Puri Jagan Story : Roshan (Akash Puri) is a young man who always dream to join Indian Army. Aafreen (Neha Shetty) is a young Pakistani girl from Lahore who comes to Hyderabad in a student exchange program for her studies. Roshan helps Aafreen from some goons and yet they didn't see each other. Aafreen tries to contact Roshan but all her efforts are in vain. When Aafreen is returning to Pakistan, both of them meet in a Train. During his trekking Roshan discovers that He and Aafreen were lovers in their past life and reincarnated again. How that both made their lost love success in this life forms 'Mehbooba'. Performances: Akash Puri makes a confident and settled debut as a lead role. The prior experience of working as child actor comes in handy when handling the big moments. The body and built with a deep voice gives him a macho image look. Akash has the potential to be a big action hero with right commercial ventures. Neha Shetty makes an impressive debut as heroine. She has innocence in her face that is instantly attractive. It has been captured well by Puri Jagannadh and hence the instant register one feels. Murali Sharma and Ashwini Kalsekhar as Muslim parents make lovely and believable parents. Vishnu Reddy has potential to be a good villain. Sayaji Shinde is his usual self. The rest of the cast are apt in their parts. Positives: Akash Puri Lead Pair Puri’s Touch First Half Grand Production Values Negatives: Few parts in the second half Analysis: Puri Jagannadh has picked a tested formula of reincarnation based love story in Mehbooba. While the story may be a predictable one, the Puri Jagannadh’s touch is what gives it a different feel altogether. His trade mark dialogues like 'Ee Desam lo Putti Pakka Desaaniki Zindabad kottadam ante, Manintlo Nannanu pettukuni Pakkintayanni Nanna ani pilavadame' makes us clap and whistle. There is an intense love build up right from the beginning with the lead pair meeting each other. An air of suspense and tension is built whenever the estranged lovers come near each other. There is an economy in romance which hasn’t been previously seen in the Puri Jagan's films. The hero has the attitude that is expected of a Puri Jagannadh hero, but it is in a rightly directed way. It is these subtle changes that make Mehbooba a different watch from the star director. The second half could have been better when looked on the whole. The romance is not adequately blossomed. Leaving aside that, the Puri Jagannadh touch and writing related to the cross-border love and patriotism keep us hooked for the most part. Sandeep Chowta has done a neat job with the music and background score. The cinematography is stunning. Editing could have been better in parts. Producer Charmme must be appreciated for the belief in the subject. The breathtaking locales on the Himalayan terrain are also her contribution which adds to the overall feel of the movie. Bottom-line: Intense And Emotional Love Saga Rating: 3.25/5

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