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Chi La Sow Movie Review

Title :ChiLaSow CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 14 Mins Release Date : 03-08-2018 Banner : Siruni Cine Corporation Cast : Sushanth, Ruhani Sharma, Vennela Kishore, Rohini, Anu Hasan, Sanjay Swaroop, Vidyu Raman, Rahul Ramakrishna and Others Music : Prashanth.Vihari DOP : Sukumar Producer : Jaswanth-Nagarjuna Direction: RahulRavindran

Story :

Arjun (Sushanth) is reluctant to get married for another five years. But, His Parents (Anu Hasan, Sanjay Swaroop), Friend Suchith (Vennela Kishore) constantly ask him to get married. One day Arjun's mother made him meet a girl Anjali (Ruhani Sharma) at his house as part of 'pelli choopulu'. When Arjun met Anjali at his house, Arjun immediately confesses that doesn't want to marry for another five years. But, at the same time, Arjun feels a connection between them and proposes to her. Anjali who is already dealing with her ailing mother doesn't understand Arjun's decisions. In a strange turn of events, The couple lands in a situation that they both spent the rest of the night together. How Arjun woos Anjali and How they realize that they are made for each other forms the rest of the story.

Performances :

Sushanth is perfect in the role of 'Arjun' with the boy next door looks. He delivered his career-best performance with his settled and subtle act throughout the film. His chemistry with heroine came out beautifully onscreen. Be it the love scenes and emotional scenes, he looked confident and did it with ease.

Ruhani makes a terrific debut. She did great as 'Anjali', a middle-class girl who is matured and responsible towards her family and reluctant to fall in love. She beautifully emoted with her eyes in crucial scenes. Chinmayi's dubbing added completeness to her role.

Vennela Kishore evokes laughs with his hilarious comic timing in a couple of episodes. Among the others, Rohini, Anu Hasan added the depth to the story with their experienced act. Sanjay Swaroop, Vidyullekha Raman, Rahul Ramakrishna are adequate.

Highlights :

Sushanth, Ruhani's Performance

Rahul Ravindran's Writing

Relatable Characters and Conversations

Neatly Portrayed Emotions

Drawbacks :

Gets slow at times

Little drag in the second half

Analysis :

Actor turned Director Rahul Ravindran comes up with a beautiful love story blended with emotions. Though it starts off as a regular story with a guy who doesn't want to get married. Things take a different turn when Heroine Anjali, a matured girl meets Arjun. Since then the story takes place in one night with different events which make the couple realize their love for each other. Rahul Ravindran strikes a chord with his writing. He has written very good dialogues which brings much-needed depth and emotions to the scenes. Though the Thief-Police thread in the second half is meant to get the lead pair know each other better, it feels off guard to the main plot. But, with later portions where Arjun meets Anjali's mother and came to know more about Anjali through her uncle made things work in favor of the film.

Prashanth Vihari's Music is adequate but impresses with the background score. The cameraman Sukumar did a commendable job capturing the visuals vibrantly as most of the movie happens during the night. Production values are good. Producers are appreciable for backing such a simple yet emotional love story believing in a new director. Kudos to Nagarjuna Akkineni for encouraging and giving extra mileage to the film by releasing it through prestigious Annapurna banner.

Rating : 3.25 / 5 Bottom-Line: Refreshing Love Story

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