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ShailajaReddyAlludu Movie Review

Title :ShailajaReddyAlludu CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 28 Mins Release Date : 13-09-2018 Banner : Sithara Entertainments Cast : Naga Chaithanya, Anu Emmanuel, RamyaKrishna, Naresh, MurliSharma, Prudhvi, VennelaKishore and Others Music : GopiSundar DOP : NizarShafi Producer : NagaVamsi-PDVPrasad Direction: Maruthi


Chaitanya (Naga Chaitanya) is a happy go lucky guy despite being under the constant pressure of a father full of ego. As if that was not enough he falls for a girl Anu (Anu Emmanuel) who is full of ego. When somehow he manages to convince her, a bigger challenge awaits in Anu’s mother, Shailaja Reddy (Ramya Krishna). How Chaitanya manages to convince everyone by overcoming their egos is the basic plot of the movie.


Naga Chaitanya is terrific playing a cool and calm guy despite being surrounded by tensions all around. He breezes through the proceedings with an ease of a seasoned artist. Of course, it is that way because he has now mastered roles in that zone. The confrontations at the interval, pre-climax and climax are proof of that. Maybe it is time to push the limit to the next level and explore something new.

Anu Emmanuel has got the best role as a proper heroine in her short career so far. It has the glamour and also scope for emotion. She is equally good in both the aspects.

Ramya Krishna is mighty in a role that demands such power packed presence. Right from the intro to the pre-climax where she challenged a rowdy to come and attack her, there is a ferocity in her acting that can’t be missed. She brings that unique dimension to hold things together in the second half.

Murali Sharma is lovable and dependable, and so is Vennela Kishore as the sidekick Chari. Prudhvi shines in the second half. The rest of the actors are apt for their brief parts.


Naga Chaitanya and Ramya Krishna

Anu Emmanuel Glamour


First Half


The movie gets slow post-intermission


Director Maruthi has created a unique brand for himself. He is making a space for providing clean and humorous family entertainers. While there are many movies in that space, the USP of Maruthi is in his writing which offers a freshness that goes missing generally.

Shailaja Reddy Alludu is another film from Maruthi that sticks to a formula. The story is routine, and it ends predictably, but the journey is a smooth and rollicking one with a good dose of humour throughout. The acting is solid all-around and songs are placed neatly without giving the speed breaker effect.

The issue still arises because Maruthi has to keep up with his writing at a top-notch level to make audience unmindful of the routineness in place. The expected happens whenever the narrative slips into the drama or fight. All said and done, Shailaja Reddy entertains, and that is what counts at the end.

Gopi Sundar is a major part in keeping the proceedings lively. The songs and the background score are an asset to the movie. The cinematography by Nizar Shafi is excellent. Editing is alright. The production values are grand and give the film a rich look.

Bottom-line: Entertainment Guaranteed

Rating: 3/5

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