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UTurn Movie Review

Title :Uturn CBFC Rating : U/A Run-Time : 2 Hrs 09 Mins Release Date : 13-09-2018 Banner : Srinivasa Silverscreen Cast : Samantha, Aadhi, Bhumika, Rahul Ravichandran and Others Music : Poornachandra DOP : Niketh Bommireddy Producer : Srinivasaa-Rambabu Direction: Pawan Kumar


Rachana (Samantha) is working on a crime story which is related to a U Turn, and it lands her in trouble. What is the problem and how is it related to the U Turn, is the basic story of the film.


Samantha has once again got an author-backed role of Rachana. It is the character that will stay in our minds rather than the actress look or the appearance. There are many shades in her role. The interaction with the mother or with a colleague, the journey with the police and the unexpected guest, she is fantastic in emoting the various challenging facets associated with them. It is a memorable outing for her undoubtedly.

Aadhi Pinisetty is brilliant as a police officer. He just slips into the part effortlessly. The scenes of Aadhi and Samantha together are very engaging. Rahul Ravindran is entirely in sync with the character given to him. He builds nice chemistry with Samantha that is crucial for other important moments.

Bhumika and others playing small roles are equally important, and they add to the experience.






Loses momentum towards the end, a bit


Pawan Kumar has come up with 'U Turn' which is a film he initially directed in Kannada. Since the subject is universal, it has been made into Telugu and Tamil. Both the versions hit the screens today.

'U-Turn' is a simple plot told exceedingly well with thrilling effect. The pace of the movie never slackens from the start to the end and keeps the viewers hooked. It is the aspect that keeps the film alive. From small to big twist and thrilling moments keep coming from time to time.

The first half neatly takes time to establish the characters and the setting and once that is done it drives at a fast pace. There are no roadblocks or U-turns. It is a smooth ride. The momentum gets progressively slower in the second half when the core plot is revealed. The suspense and the way it is unfolded hooks us alright, but an air of predictability also surrounds them which gets more apparent towards the end.

However, the work is done by the time we reach the end, and we leave with satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment. The direction and screenplay are the real heroes.

Technically the movie is solid even though it is made on a small budget. The background score is superb, and the cinematography is neat. The editing helps in keeping the pace and connection alive. The production values are adequate and kudos to the makers 'Srinivasa Silver Screens' for backing this project.

Bottom-line: A Perfect Thriller Without Any Deviations

Rating: 3.25/5

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