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Bhale Manchi Chowka Beram Movie Review

Title :Bhale Manchi ChowkaBeram Release Date : 05-10-2018 Banner : Sri Satya Sai Arts Cast : Naveed, Yamini, Nookaraju, Raja Ravindra, Bhadram and Others Music : Hari Gowra Producer : Sathish Kumar DOP : Bal Reddy Direction: Murali Krishna


Pardhu (Naveed) and Saleem (Nooka Raju) hit the jackpot when they get secret files by mistake from an ex-military man. They plan to sell it to Pakistan to make money. What happens, when the ex-military man realises the folly and joins the friends is the basic story of the film.


Naveed is adequate in the lead role with a love track. There is a naïve innocence in him which works well for the character. Now, if there were some added charm to it, the role would have been a winner.

Yamini makes a good pair with the hero. The innocence they bring together is the mainstay of the love track.

Nooka Raju is brilliant as the insufferable friend. Some of the lines he delivers are outrageous. His portions with Raja Ravindra are rib ticking and highlight of the movie.

Raja Ravindra steals the show as an ex-military man in the movie. The graph of the character is sure to win everyone over. The flow from the serious to the comedic guy to very serious is neatly done and well-acted. Bhadram in a small role is excellent.


Raja Ravindra

Nooka Raju


Second Half


Parts of the first half


Sometimes all it takes for a movie to work is a great concept. Here the idea has been presented by director Maruthi. It is without any doubt funny and shows Maruthi’s mark. Murali Krishna, the director of the movie, has to expand on that concept and make an engaging outing. He does it with aplomb.

The beginning few minutes takes time to sync into the world of the protagonists. Once that is over, and we are into the basic plot, the narrative gets funny as well as intriguing. The whole “Desa Rahasyalu” thread is hilarious from the start to the end. All the scenes in this track have come out well with the actors doing an excellent job.

The scenes in the second half in the den of the Pakistan terrorist are what once calls high concept. It is a single location for the most part and contains limited characters, but the jokes are fresh and sharp and are sure to make one roll in laughter. The happenings after the end of the track are passable and could have been dealt better. But, that is a minor issue in a film which entertains majorly.

The music by Hari Gowra goes with the flow of the film. The background score by JB is adequate. The cinematography by P Balreddy is neat. Udhav SB’s editing is sharp. Producer KK Radha Mohan must be appreciated for backing a small but high concept. It is only through efforts like these that we can witness the emergence of more delightful concept movies.

Bottom-line: Rib-tickling Conceptual Comedy

Rating: 3/5

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