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‘BrochevarevaruRa’ Teaser Promises An Entertaining Crime Comedy

As announced by its makers, the teaser of Brochevarevaru Ra is released out today and looks like audiences are going to watch an entertaining film post-summer. From the first look poster to the unique animated motion poster, Brochevarevaru Ra film has generated a huge buzz for the movie. And today with the Brochevarevaru Ra teaser the entire team of the flick has made a big positive impression for movie lovers to wait for the film release.

Brochevarevaru Ra teaser has cleverly introduced all the prime actors starting from Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna, Nivetha Thomas, Satya Dev to Nivetha Pethuraj. Along with it the major plot point of the crime comedy along with characters of the cast is incorporated brilliantly by the director. There is a lot of fresh air in the teaser starting from the aspiring film director to R3 batch friends with the witty touches of humor, one-liner punch dialogues to evoke comedy. Complementing the flow of the scenes is the background score of music director Vivek Sagar and interesting visuals of cinematographer Sai Sriram.

Director Vivek Athreya has shown a new angle of Sree Vishnu in his debut film Mental Madhilo and with Brochevarevaru Ra the director is disclosing the comic side of the hero. Sree Vishnu looked natural in his role and Nivitha Thomas is supplementing him as her love interest. Latest star comedian duo Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna as hero's friends will definitely be added bonus to the movie. Brochevarevaru Ra is slated for release in June 2019, let's wait for trailer and songs that are scheduled every soon.

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