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It Is Necessary To Bring Awareness In People About Fire Accidents – Smt Amala Akkineni

On April 14th, 1944 66 firefighters lost their lives while saving many people in a fire accident at Mumbai's dockyard. To remember their sacrifice Fire Service Week is being observed from April 14th to 20th every year. This year's Fire Service Week celebrations started at Film Nagar's Fire station, Hyderabad. Smt Amala Akkineni attended as chief guest for this event. District Fire Officers Suresh Reddy, Srinivas Reddy, Film Nagar Fire station Officer Chandrasekhar, Annapurna Studios V Satyanand graced the event along with fire station crew and Film Nagar locals.

Smt Amala Akkineni observed silence for martyrs who lost their lives in the line of duty. She then observed the devices used during a fire accident. Asst District Fire Officer Suresh Reddy explained to her about how they use those devices. Amala Akkineni planted a sapling at the premises of fire station. She launched several pamphlets and posters about Fire Service Week in this event.

Speaking on this occasion Amala Akkineni said, " Thanks to District Fire Officers, Station Fire Officer, Crew for making me a part of this Fire Service Week. We must bring awareness to people about fire accidents. Recently a training session has been conducted by the fire department at our Annapurna Studio. I too attended the event along with employees and film school students. I came to know about the hardships firefighters face in that event. Fire will spread very quickly within a minute and will devastate everything. One must know about what should they do and they don't during fire accidents. Everyone should play their part in bringing awareness among people. On behalf of Nagarjuna, Annapurna Studios, My Family I thank the entire fire department for their day and night services to prevent loss of property and saving lives."

Filmnagar Fire Station Officer Chandrasekhar said, " We save people, animals from many kinds of mishaps. Recently we saved a bird and send it to BlueCross. I thank Amala garu for attending Fire Service Week on behalf of our fire station crew."

Asst District Fire Officer Suresh Reddy said, " Thanks to BlueCross Founder & Chairman Amala Akkineni garu for making time in her busy schedule to attend this event. On this day in 1944, 66 firefighters lost their lives while saving many people from a fire accident at Mumbai Dockyard. Remembering their sacrifice Fire Service Week will be conducted every year to bring awareness among people about fire accidents. We will explain how to prevent fire accidents, how to protect themselves during accidents by distributing pamphlets."

District Fire Officer Srinivas Reddy said, " Like every year we are conducting Fire Service Week this year too. Fire accidents can happen anywhere. We will work to bring awareness about fire accidents by conducting several programmes this week in all areas."

Firestation crew awarded a memento to Amala Akkineni. They also felicitated Annapurna Studios V Satyanand with a shawl.

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