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Clarity About Chiranjeevi International School

Social media was abuzz with the news hat Mega Star Chiranjeevi and his family have started an international school in Srikakulam and admissions are opened for the 2019 academic year for students. Things got more intense when the names of Chiranjeevi is mentioned as the founder for Chiranjeevi International School followed by Ram Charan as president and Nagababu as the chairman for the educational institute.

Its been circulated like a wildfire that Ram Charan is the brainchild behind the international school and more schools are going to get started in coming years. In the past few years Ram Charan is seen investing in a couple of business . To avoid any further damage and to suppress the increasing rumors, Chiranjeevi International School CEO G.Srinivas Rao has come into picture giving the much-needed clarity to everyone.

Srinivas Rao has cleared the air that the mega family is nowhere related to Chiranjeevi International School. Being the fans of Mega Star Chiranjeevi we have honored them giving the key positions of the founder, president, and chairman of the school. We have started the international school with a noble intention of helping the financically poor students and providing quality education to the middle-class people giving concession in the fess for bright students. Now it's been confirmed that either Chiranjeevi or any member of the mega family are not associated with Chiranjeevi International School.

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