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Kabir Singh Trailer – Intense And Impactful

Finally, the makers of Kabir Singh has released the film trailer in social media platform. After watching the Kabir Singh trailer, thoughts that pass our mind about the trailer is “INTENSE AND IMPACTFUL”. There is no doubt that cinema halls will be filled up with public on the release day of Kabir Singh and ensure record-breaking openings for Shahid Kapoor at the box office.

Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga has announced his entry into Bollywood with the powerful trailer of Kabir Singh hinting that he is going to stay there for a long time as a big threat to other Hindi directors. When the teaser of Kabir Singh was released, few down the South felt it's a bit low to the original and the response was also mixed. But with the trailer of Kabir Singh, everything got changed and the video is going viral online minutes after its release. Sandeep Reddy has given out few of highlight scenes that worked out well in Arjun Reddy in the trailer of Kabir Singh. He has presented them in an appealing manner that strikes right chords with the movie lovers and has raised sky-high expectations on the film.

When compared with the trailer of Arjun Reddy the trailer of Kabir Singh is much sorted out and it looked better than the original but the Telugu trailer had its high points. On a whole, Kabir Singh trailer got successful in spelling its magic for sure to bring audiences to the cinema halls guaranteeing a memorable film for them. Kabir Singh is slated for a grand release on 21st of June, 2019 worldwide, so let’s keep waiting for the day to experience the love story of Kabir and Preethi next month folks.

Watch the trailer of Kabir Singh and comment below if you felt its better than Arjun Reddy or not?

Click Here For 'Kabir Singh' Trailer

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