Actor Mohan-starrer ‘Haraa’ Teaser Launch and Press Meet



After a long break, actor Mohan, who holds the record for the most silver jubilee films in the Tamil film industry, makes a comeback as the protagonist in the movie ‘Haraa’. Coimbatore SP Mohan Raj and G Media Jaya Sri Vijay have co-produced this film. Directed by Vijay Sri G, the film features a unique and unconventional storyline, falling under the action genre. The film’s teaser was released on Sunday and press conference was attended by the movie’s crew, building anticipation ahead of its release.

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Producer SP Mohan Raj said, “Happy New Year to all friends in the press and film industry. We are pleased with our second film production ‘Haraa’, following the success of our first film, ‘Powder’. The entire film was shot in Coimbatore, where Mohan sir received a warm reception. We are delighted with the outcome of the film, and Mohan’s performance was exceptional. We sincerely appreciate your continued support for our film endeavors.’

Actress Swathi said, “I hail from Kerala, and this film has brought me immense fortune. I am grateful to the director for providing me with this opportunity. The entire team was cheerful and incredibly supportive. Mohan sir used to explain with such eloquence. I adore all his performance and songs. The film has turned out exceptionally well. I extend my gratitude to all those who supported the film.”

Music Director Rashaanth Arwin said, ‘This movie presents a tremendous opportunity for us. We have had the pleasure of witnessing Mohan sir’s exceptional performances in numerous films, and I believe I have successfully crafted the music for his latest project. I am grateful to the director for providing me this opportunity. Mohan sir’s acting skills are truly remarkable, and I am confident that this film will provide you with a fresh and captivating experience. Your support for the movie is greatly appreciated.”

Actress Anithra said, “I am extremely pleased to be a part of this film alongside Mohan sir. Collaborating with him was an absolute joy, and I have immense admiration for his abilities. I am truly thankful to the director for granting me this opportunity. I had the privilege of being in the director’s previous film, Powder, which achieved tremendous success. I sincerely request your words of encouragement.”

Actor Aadhavan said, “Mohan sir has always been my source of inspiration since my early years. My mother is an ardent admirer of his melodious tunes. Vijay Sri Sir has portrayed him as a remarkable action hero. Mohan sir’s performance in this movie was flawless. The film has turned out to be extraordinary. Mohan sir should definitely consider doing more movies like this. I sincerely hope that the producer will continue to collaborate with Mohan sir in future projects, and the director will also continue directing him.”

Actor Singampuli said, “Happy New Year to all. It is a delight to be part of an event on this special day. The opportunity to work on this film came through a friend named Namaskaram Saravanan, and it was in the movie ‘Powder’ that I got my first chance to work with director Vijay Sri. I was amazed to see the director using 3 cameras for every shot, showcasing his exceptional skills. Despite facing a tragic accident, he showed immense determination to bounce back and fulfil his dream project. I hope he continues to create more cinematic masterpieces. The teaser of the film, with 43 shots, left me mesmerised. I had previously collaborated with Anumol in a movie called Ayali. I wanted to have a conversation with her here, but her powerful performance in the teaser left me in awe. I noticed an increase in the numbers of production crew, I inquired if the budget would be exceeded. However, the director assured me that the anticipation for Mohan sir’s movie is overwhelming, making it all worthwhile. While many films rely on promotional tactics nowadays, this film solely relies on Mohan sir’s reputation. He claims to have acted with mic in just 5 films, but all of them ran successfully for 5 years each. His songs continue to resonate even today, and he has been a saviour for many in the industry. Just as his songs are unforgettable, so is Mohan sir himself. The producer has provided adequate support to everyone involved and I hope he will remember me for future projects. I extend my best wishes for the film’s success.”

Actress Anumol said, “I express my gratitude for the support you all have extended to me. I am thankful to Mr. Vijay Sri for providing this opportunity. I learned acting by watching Mohan sir’s performances. His songs are very appealing to me. While I normally get excited listening to stories, I was particularly excited to see Mohan sir acting in this film. It is an unforgettable experience to have acted alongside him. He is amazing in the movie. Everyone will be impressed. The director has worked very hard. Doctors have placed 12 plates in his body due to an accident, but nothing hampered his focus and dedication to the film. God will bring him great success for his good heart. Journalists have always supported me, and I believe you will provide the same support for this venture as well.”

Director Vijay Sri G said, “I never imagined that I would find myself standing on this stage. I met with an accident and I regained consciousness only after three days. Mohan sir visited me with his family, emphasizing the importance of family to everyone. A total of Rs 16 lakh was spent, with both Mohan sir and Mohan Raj sir taking care of the expenses.

Mohan sir is a prominent figure, yet he remains humble. When I mentioned my collaboration with actor Mohan, many questioned his market value and the risk of working with him at this stage. However, during shoot in Coimbatore, around 500 people would gather wherever he went. His true market value became evident through his presence.

Throughout the journey, I was touched by his compassion and humanity. He truly saved me after mishap. It serves as a reminder of the importance of being cautious, such as wearing seat belts while driving. Mohan sir continues to excel in his acting career, delivering exceptional performances in every scene. ‘Hara’ is bound to be a massive success for him. Thank you.”

Actor Mohan said, “Wishing you all a joyful New Year. Although I have appeared in numerous films, I haven’t maintained a record of all the films I have been a part of. I can say ‘Haraa’ marks my debut in the film industry. Since I began my acting journey, I have consistently provided opportunities to aspiring directors whenever possible. Because I believed they would create films with passion. The discussion surrounding my songs is prevalent, solely due to the impartiality with which Isaignani presented them. The maestro has created exquisite melodies for all without discrimination. If I find myself particularly identified by these songs, it is due to the guidance of directors such as R Sundararajan. Their films resonated deeply with audiences, evoking emotions and ultimately achieving success. I am privileged to be celebrated by the people as their family member. My success is attributed to the talented directors and music composers who had collaborated with me. My primary focus is not on the market, but rather on creating films that I personally enjoy. It was Nikil Murukan who introduced me to Vijay Sri. Initially, I had some suggestions involving screenplay, and he modified it accordingly without any hesitation. We had to work on 7 drafts before getting the final version of screenplay. Many kept asking me what’s the reason behind choosing this script, and my earnest and spontaneous answer was the sound and light knowledge of Vijay Sri. That talent will take him to great heights. No matter what happens to Vijay Sri, he constantly keeps thinking about the film. The reason for his survival is the support of his wife and children. He will give many more good films. Originally there were no songs in this film but he added three songs and all three songs were written by him. He has the craftsmanship skill of Manivannan, who would film a project without a story on the paper. I have had the pleasure of watching Mr. Rajiv Menon’s camera work, but it was totally a different experience working with him as an actor. I thank Singam Puli, Anumol, and everyone else involved. Please watch the movie and if you like it, please show your support. Thank you.”

Coimbatore SP Mohan Raj and G Media Jaya Sri Vijay are the producers of the film ‘Haraa’. The movie features a talented cast including Yogi Babu, Charu Haasan, Suresh Menon, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Mottai Rajendran, Singampuli, Deepa, Mime Gopi, Sams, and Santhosh Prabhakar. The music for the film is composed by Rashaanth Arwin, while the cinematography is handled by Prahath Muniyasamy and Guna.


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