An Unimaginable Medical Thriller “A” – Title Poster Release!!!

An Unimaginable Medical Thriller “A” - Title Poster Release!!!

Avanthika Productions “A” (AD INFINITUM) Telugu feature film completed its shooting and released its Title Poster. Nithin Prasanna, Preethi Asrani (Malli Rava, Pressure Cooker ), Baby Deevena (Jabardast ), Rangadam, Krishna Veni, Bharadwaj are the main cast of this film.

Ugandhar Muni, who did his film making at New York Film Academy, is directing this movie. Let’s hear what he has to say:

The story spans from 1977 to 2019 and has a very unthinkable and unique premise, this concept was never explored in India cinema, or even in any of the World Cinema. Most of the technical teams like me are from reputed film schools, who were hired after tough scrutiny, so you can expect a very technically well-made movie, and I am very fortunate to get such a team. To get the right casting, we spent around 4 months, did more than 300 auditions, and in the end- it paid off, believe me – it’s a terrific cast.

Along with the Title Poster Definitely “A” film will give a genuinely fulfilling experience for the audience, especially if they are fans of the Thriller genre.


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