Annapurna Photo Studio Movie Review


Title: Annapurna Photo Studio

CBFC Rating: U

Run-Time: 2 Hrs 08 Mins

Release Date: 21-07-2023

Banner: Big Ben Cinemas

Cast: Chaitanya, Lavannya, Lalith Adithya, Viva Raghava, Utthara, Mihira, Vasu Inturi, and Yash Rangineni

Music: Prince Henry

Cinematography: Pankaja Tottada

Editor: Venkata Prabhu

Producers: Yash Rangineni

Written & Directed By: Chendu Muddhu

Annapurna Photo Studio is billed to be a rural love story with an 80’s backdrop blended with thrilling elements. Chendu Muddhu directed the film with Chaitanya and Lavanya playing lead roles. Yash Ranineni who earlier produced films like Pelli Choopulu and Dear Comrade has bankrolled this film. Annapurna Photo Studio was released in theatres today (July 21). Let’s get into the review


Chanti (Chaitanya), a videographer in runs Annapurna Photo Studio in Kapileswarapuram village. He leads a happy life with his family and friends. He falls for Gauthami (Lavannya), and she eventually develops feelings for him. However his happy life takes a shocking turn and where this leads to, and how Sindhu (Mihirah Gurupadappa), the police Venkateswarlu (Vasu Inturi) related to his story. Why did Chandu attempt suicide? forms the rest of the story


Chaitanya Rao Madadi performed neatly. He did his role effortlessly and impresses with his comic timing. He also did well while expressing emotions. His body language and mannerisms added value to the film. 

Lavannya did well in the role of a traditional village girl. Her performance adds the required charm to the film. She emoted well and showed good expressions. Uttara played the role of the sister with conviction. Viva Raghava and Vasu Inturi evoked a few laughs. Producer Yash Rangineni springs a surprise with his impressive performance in the movie. The rest of the actors perform well in their respective roles.


Chaitanya Rao Performance

Chendu Muddha Direction




Director Chandu takes a simple feel-good story and narrates it well in the first half. The narration is in an interesting way talking about mysterious suicides but quickly shifts to entertaining mode. He maintains the same tempo with entertaining and hilarious scenes.

But, the film fails to maintain the momentum in the latter half, which feels dragged. The unveiling of the twists in the second half generates interest among viewers. But the events unfold in a predictable manner but managed to entertain with an interesting screenplay and direction coupled with good performances and passable dialogues. 

The music of Prince Henry is melodious and soulful, with a couple of songs that are both audibly and visually enjoyable. Background music elevated the scenes. Pankaj’s Cinematography is beautiful. He showcases the beauty of the village in vibrant color tones. The art and costume department did an impressive job in recreating the 80’s look. Production values by Yash Rangineni are commendable.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Bottom line: Enjoyable Thrilling Drama With Retro Moments


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