Baby Movie Review


Title: Baby

CBFC Rating: UA

Run-Time: 2 Hrs 51 Mins

Release Date: 14-07-2023

Banner: Mass Movie Makers

Cast: Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, Viraj Ashwin, Viva Harsha, And Nagababu

Music: Vijay Bulganin

Cinematography: Bal Reddy

Editor: Viplav Naishadam

Producer: SKN

Written & Directed By: Sai Rajesh

‘Baby’ which was launched as a small film with budding actors has grown into a crazy film with its chartbuster songs and impressive promotional content. This Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, and Viraj Ashwin starrer is written and directed by Sai Rajesh while SKN has produced the film. The ‘Baby’ movie was released today, July 14th in theatres. Let’s get into the review.


Anand (Anand Deverakonda and Vaishnavi (Vaishnavi Chaitanya) love each other since their school days. Anand fails to make it to the college and becomes an auto driver, whereas Vaishnavi joins the college. The Engineering college atmosphere and new friends bring a change in her interests and undergoes a massive transformation. She gets befriends and moves close to Viraj (Viraj Ashwin). Meanwhile, the love of Anand and Vaishnavi face tests. After an unexpected incident, how do the lives of Viraj, Anand, and Vaishnavi change? What happened next? forms the story.


Anand Deverakonda gave a career-defining performance. He perfectly showcased various variations effectively. especially he did amazingly in some crucial scenes. He is confident and comfortable in his role which is quite challenging.

Vaishnavi Chaitanya showed her mark in the debut film itself. She did a complex role and portrayed it with Elan. Vaishnavi delivered an impressive performance and especially the interval scene stands out. Viraj Ashwin suits the role perfectly and did it aptly. He gave his career best in Baby. His screen presence added value


Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya And Viraj Ashwin

Sai Rajesh’s Direction

Vijay Bulganin’s Music

Hard Hitting Dialogues

Production Values


Lengthy Duration

Slow Pace At Times in First Half


Director Sai Rajesh came up with a story for Baby which has a strong connection and is relatable to today’s youth. He writes this story from the point of view of today’s youth. The first half deals with establishing characters and the conflict between them. It takes time and feels slow-paced at times. Though we are aware of what happens next, the director keeps the film engaging with emotions and dialogue. The terrific interval block raises the bar for the second half.

The second half is very good with the right blend of drama and intense emotions. The bold and hard-hitting dialogues worked out well especially with today’s youth. The second half is high on emotions and with an unpredictable climax, Baby leaves a lasting impression for sure.

Music by Vijay Bulganin stands as a major highlight. The songs are too good, and also the effective background score enhances the impact in many sequences. The cinematography by Balreddy is vibrant, and the visuals are easy on the eye. Particularly the songs are shot beautifully. The editing could have been better during the first half. The production values by Producer SKN are top-class and he needs a tap on his back fro backing such a bold and refreshing subject.

Rating: 3.75 / 5

Bottom line: Beautiful & Painful Flavours Of Love


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