Balakrishna Garu Is A Wonderful Human Being – Duniya Vijay In Interview About Veera Simha Reddy


Sandalwood actor, director Duniya Vijay is making his debut in Tollywood with Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Veera Simha Reddy. He played the role of an antagonist Musallamadugu Prathap Reddy. The film hits the cinemas on January 12, is directed by Gopichand Malineni. Vijay interacted with media and shared about working with NBK and many more.

About Getting The Offer

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I did get a few offers from Tollywood before. For some reason, I couldn’t do any of them. When ‘VSR’ came my way, I liked both the script and I also had dates. Director Gopichand narrated the storyline and my character briefly at first. I was thoroughly impressed. It felt great to do a big character in a movie starring Balakrishna.

About The Character

I am not just any other villain ‘VSR’. My character is a pillar of the story. As an actor, I got a chance to find a place in the hearts of the audience. I have got a raw look. My dialogue delivery and makeover are completely different.

About Gopichand Malineni

I come from a humble background. Never did I keep any filmmaker waiting all my life. For the first time, I kept Gopichand waiting – for 10 minutes – because I couldn’t make it in time. I asked for his apology! When I listened to his narration, I was energized.

About NBK

Balakrishna garu is a wonderful human being. I used to watch his movies as a teen. Films like ‘Muddula Mavayya’ are my favourite. From that place, I got to share screen space with him. His character in ‘VSR’ will be massive in terms of energy.

About Roles In Films

As an actor, I want to do all sorts of characters. Acting is my profession. I want to exhibit different characters and their various shades onscreen. I was greatly in admiration of NT Rama Rao’s mythological characters in films like ‘Dana Veera Soora Karna’ as a child. His dramatic performances were thoroughly enjoyable.

About Background

I come from a lower-middle-class family and I didn’t have any film background. I didn’t have fancy dreams in life. I started out by doing odd jobs. After I joined the film industry, I did small roles. I got to play a big role in ‘Duniya’ (Kannada).

About Other Directors

Today’s directors have become ambitious. They are making pan-India movies. I have been a director myself in Kannada. When I am an actor, I just behave like the character. When I am the director, I feel like I am the father and the characters are my kids.


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