Bengal Tiger Movie Review



Aakash Narayan (Ravi Teja) is a happy go lucky guy living merrily creating small silly problems for family. In order to bring responsibility they arrange a marriage for him. Bu the girl rejects Aakash citing him as non-celebrity. What Aakash does to become a celebrity and how the Home Minister and Chief Minister of the state get entangled into his plans is the overall storyline of the film.


Ravi Teja as usual is a livewire. But what’s more impressive is small changes in body language and mannerism that bring out the massy side while it all looked classy in his last outing.

Rashi Khanna and Tamannah are both used for their glamorous appeal. With Tamannah it is seen before kind of scenario hence Rashi Khanna steals the show due to her fresh appeal.

Boman Irani’s presence was much hyped but the actor fails to bring anything unique to the table. It could have been done by any top character actor from Southern cinema.

Rao Ramesh and Sayaji Shinde are adequate for their parts. The real highlights of the film though are Prudhvi and Posani Krishna Murali, especially the former. Prudhvi is a riot in the few combination scenes with Ravi Teja. Posani too lifts his game with them and together the trio present the best entertaining moments of the film.


First half
Ravi Teja


Second half
Weak villain characterization


Director Sampath Nandi returns after a long hiatus with Bengal Tiger. His last film is the much maligned super hit Rachcha and his latest follows a similar formula with very nearly the same result. The good things about Sampath Nandi is he knows what he wants to deliver and who his target audience are, there are no false intellectual pretense.

Sampath Nandi providing screenplay and dialogues to the film keeps the film light and tight for most part. He fills the movie with funny and sharp comedy sequences which camouflage the screenplay to a large extent. It’s when the comedy stops and we get into the actual story the problem and lack of content shows up. Good thing is it’s wrapped up quickly but still we feel dissatisfaction in the end due to the lack of gripping content. Overall it’s a fairly satisfying watch that could have been much better.

Music by Bheems Cecireleo goes in tune with the mass nature of the film. The background score is apt. Cinematography by Soundararajan is decent. Editing should have been better in the second half of the film. Production values are good.

Bottom-line: Mildly roaring Tiger
Rating: 3/5


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