‘Cinema Bandi’ Fame Vikas Vasishta’s New Film ‘Neethone Nenu’ Movie Title Poster Launched


Vikas Vasishta who impressed everyone with his debut film ‘Cinema Bandi’ and proving his acting prowess with versatile characters in ‘Mukha Chitram’ and recently released ‘HER Chapter 1’ is now coming with another interesting film ‘Neethone Nenu’. Moksha and Kushitha Kallapu are playing as female leads. M. Sudhakar Reddy is producing this film under Sri Mamidi Entertainment’s banner in Anjiram’s direction. On the occasion of Producer M. Sudhakar Reddy’s birthday today, the team unveiled the film’s title poster in a grand event at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad. On this occasion…

Producer M. Sudhakar Reddy says, ” I dreamt about making a film while I was studying. Now I made it this far because I was able to find a good team. Thanks to my brother Prabhakar Reddy, and my friend Naveen Kumar. Nagaraju Garu has already worked with Anjiram garu. He is the main reason behind this project. Thanks to Hero Vikas Vasishta, Heroines Moksha, Kushi. I worked as a government teacher. Ram’s role in this film is also a government teacher. Overcoming his mistakes and weaknesses forms the story of this film. The hero did complete justice to this role. I thought he would be perfect for this role after watching his performance in Cinema Bandi. He acted very naturally. Moksha in Seetha’s role and Kushi in the Ayesha role did well. Currently the film is undergoing its post production works. We will release the film very soon. Karthik gari music will be one of the highlights. I am confident that the Telugu audience will embrace our film.”

Hero Vikas Vasishta says, ” Thanks to Producer Sudhakar Reddy garu for giving me such a good film. I wish him to make more such films and work with him again in future films. Director garu looks very silent but he is violent inside. I Okayed the film right when Anjiram garu narrated the story. I followed him blindly. He is always a jovial person who keeps smiling and keeps the set in a pleasant mood. Our cameraman Murali Mohan garu showed us all beautifully. It’s not an easy task to dance along with Kushitha. Karthik gave us very good songs. The film will be released in a month. Everyone will connect with this film.”

Director Anjiram says, ” We have completed the film within time as per schedule. Though there were some minor budget issues, Sudhakar garu didn’t compromise and made the film with desired quality. He is the main reason for shaping this film so well. Our team worked very well. Songs and choreography are superb. Everyone worked very hard. I am very happy to work with Vikas garu. Moksha and Kushi played their parts well. We will update more details in the coming days. ”

Heroine Moksha says, ” Thanks to Producer Sudhakar Reddy garu for giving me this opportunity. I liked the story so much at the first hearing only. I am glad that this film came to me after the ‘Lucky Lakshman’ film. This is my second film with Director Anjiram garu. The cameraman showed us all lovely onscreen. Vikas gari name was heard everywhere after ‘Cinema Bandi’. I am happy to work with him. Karthik gari music will be loved by all. I am learning Telugu slowly. I am always indebted to Telugu audiences for accepting me. They always encourage talented people.”

Heroine Kushitha says, ” ‘Neethone Nenu’ is a very good love story. It has all kinds of emotions. Director Anjiram garu has made this film very well. We will come to the audience in theatres very soon.”

Prabhakar Reddy, Executive Producer Naveen, Cinematographer Murali Mohan, Music Director Karthik B. Kadagandla, Chandrasekhar Reddy, Aakella and other unit members also attended the event.

On Friday (July 28), on the occasion of Producer Sudhakar Reddy’s birthday, film unit members held cake cutting celebrations and conveyed birthday wishes to him.


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