Circle Movie Review


Title: Circle

CBFC Rating: UA

Run-Time: 2 Hrs 21 Mins

Release Date: 07-06-2023

Banner: Aura Productions

Cast: Sai Ronak, Richa Panai, Arshin Mehta, Baba Bhaskar and others

Music: NS Prasu

Cinematography: Ranganath

Editors: Madhu Reddy

Producers: Sarat Chandra, Sumalatha Annith Reddy, Venu Babu

Written And Directed By: Neelakanta

Circle is the latest film from National Award Winning director Neelakanta. After a gap of seven years he came again with his latest film Circle which is made as an emotional thriller. The film released today (July 7) in Theatres. Let’s see how it turns out to be. 


Puttur Ganesh (Baba Bhaskar) a contract killer has a principle. Once he gets supari and about to kill a person, he gives a second chance to correct his mistakes and made peace with those who wanted him to be killed. Ganesh gets a contract to kill Kailash ( Sai Ronak), a fashion photographer. Why he is facing a life threat and how artist Arundhuti ( Richa Panai), MP’s daughter Malvika (Neha Yellareddy), and Rajasthani Princess Himani Rajput (Arshin Mehta) are connected to it, form the story.of Circle.


Sai Ronak in the role of fashion photographer  impressed with his performance. He was seen in three different looks in the movie for three love stories. He did well in emotional scenes.

Baba Bhaskar as a supari killer made an impact with his one-liners and expressions. Richa Panai, Nyana Yallareddy, Arshin Mehta added glamour to the film. Snehal Kamath, and Aakanksha Gade did justice to their roles.



Neelakanta’s Story Premise



Interesting Promotions

Production Values


Slow At Times In Second Half

Uneven Screenplay


Director Neelakanta came up with an interesting story that explores thrilling elements and emotional moments. It depicts human emotions and how the mistakes in the past comes alive and haunt back. Neelakanta’s idea is unique and he started the narration in an interesting and exciting manner. The first half has romantic elements and also interesting conversation between the protagonist and the killer.

This set the stage for the second half but the second half dealt only with one romantic affair. In the end, the main plot gets back on track and it raises curiosity. The second love track featuring Nayana and Sai Ronak was decent and short. The conflict point between the lead pair in this story looked logical and believable. 

Ranganath Gogineni’s cinematography is impressive with different lighting according to the mood of the film.  The editing of Madhu Reddy is ok but could have been better in the second half. NS.Prasu’s tunes are youthful, romantic and the songs are shot in a beautiful way. Production values from Aura Productions are lavish and helped to achieve quality output. 

Rating: 3 / 5

Bottom line: An Interesting Slice Of Life Film.


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