‘DeAr’ Movie Review


Movie: DeAr

Release Date: 12-04-2024

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CBFC Rating: U

Run-time: 2 Hours 14 Minutes

Cast: GV Prakash Kumar, Aishwarya Rajesh, Rohini, Kaali Venkat, Nandhini, Ilavarasu, and Geetha Kailasam

Music: GV Prakash Kumar

Cinematography: Jagadeesh Sundaramurthy

Editing: Kripakaran Rukesh 

Producers: Varun Tripuraneni, Abhishek Ramisetty, Prithviraj

Telugu Release: Asian Cinemas, Annapurna Studios

Written & Directed By: Anand Ravichandran

‘DeAr’ is an acronym which comprises it’s lead pair names, Deepika and Arjun in it. This GV Prakash and Aishwarya Rajesh Starrer generates curiosity with its cast and posters. By giving the plot line in trailer, it clearly indicates that the film ia about a modern take on relationship between couple with differences. ‘DeAr’ written and directed by Anand Ravichandran is being released in Telugu by Asian Cinemas and Annapurna Studios. The film released in theatres on 12th April. Let’s get into the review.


‘DeAr’ is about a couple, Deepika (Aishwarya Rajesh) and Arjun (GV Prakash). Deepika is only child of a couple living in Ooty who has loud snoring problem, otherwise perfect in every way. Arjun is a passionate journalist whose ambitions are high and offcourse values his sleep. When they both get married, Arjun gets to know about his wife’s snoring problem on their first night. Since then problem arises between them and how did they manage to overcome frictions forms the rest of the story.


GV Prakash comes up with laudable performance. He efficiently portrays little nuances in his act. He makes the audience root for his struggle with his impressive job. On the other hand Aishwarya Rajesh who is known for her natural performance has left a lasting impression. She delivered and impactful performance. Among others Kaali Venkat who played the role of GV Prakash’s brother is impressive.

Other supporting actors like Rohini, Nandhini, Ilavarasu, and Geetha Kailasam play their roles convincingly, adding to the overall narrative with their performances. Their contributions enhance the storytelling, making ‘DeAr’ an engaging experience.


Lead Pair Performances

Conflict Point

Engaging Drama



Familiar Plot


‘DeAr’ is a film about sorting out differences between couple to make their marriage work. Director Anand Ravichandran comes up with a honest subject which reflects noble intentions. Even though the core point is about snoring problem, it projects greater cause that to make a marriage work, both individuals must evolve and understand each other’s flaws. The film focuses on various societal issues such as divorce and family prestige, which resulted in less humour.

Good music especially background score which elevates the scenes by GV Prakash Kumar, Jagadeesh Sundaramurthy’s cinematography effectively capturing the essence of the story along with fairly engaging drama gives a refreshing take on relationships made this ‘DeAr’ work to major extent.  Kripakaran Rukesh’s editing could have been better.

Rating: 3/5

Bottom-line: A Refreshing Tale Of Relationships


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