Different Action Thriller ’22’ Will Be A Big Turning Point For Hero Rupesh And Director Shiva – Music Director Sai Kartheek

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Young Music Director Sai Kartheek has made himself a name in the industry with films ‘Pataas’, ‘Supreme’, ‘Eedo Rakam… Aado Rakam’,’Raju Gari Gadhi’. His latest film is ’22’. Protege of Dashing Director Puri Jagannadh, Sensational Director VV Vinayak, Super Successful Director Maruthi, Shivakumar B. is Directing this film along with providing Story, Screenplay and Dialogues. Maa Aai Productions is bankrolling this film starring Rupesh Kumar Choudhary and Saloni Misra. Sai Kartheek is celebrating his birthday on February 23rd. On this occasion, Here’s the interview of Young Music Director Sai Kartheek.

Tell us about the ’22’ movie? How is it going to be?

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– ’22’ is my first action thriller film. BA Raju gari son Shiva is making his debut as a Director with this film. Rupesh Kumar Choudhary is the Hero. The concept of the film is highly interesting. I am thrilled watching the film while composing re-recording for it. Shiva has made it extraordinarily. The film is in a new kind of zone. It will surely become a big turning point for Hero Rupesh and Director Shiva. Definitely, it will score a big hit.

How much importance the film has for Music?

– It is a thriller with an action backdrop. So, it has a lot of importance to Music. I feel excited while I am working on this film. It has a lot of scope for background music. There are a lot of elevations as Hero and Heroine, both are cops in this film.

How many songs are there in the film?

– Director Shiva has designed three songs in this different crime thriller. The first song released by Young Rebel Star Prabhas, ‘Maar Maarke’ is getting a superb response. Another song that has Mother sentiment will also get outstanding responses.

What is the Special for this Birthday?

– There is nothing special. But, I am happy that I celebrated my Birthday among the team of ’22’ movie. This is my 37th birthday. I started working as a rhythm player when I was 9. Then I worked as a drummer from Vijay Anand Garu to Devi Sri Prasad. Then I turned into the composer and completed 10 years as a Music Director. I have done nearly 75 films so far as a Music Director. ‘Naalo Chilipi Kalaa… Neela Eduraindaa..’ song bought me very good fame. It garnered 70 million views. The audience has liked it very much. I am determined to compose many good songs.

How do you feel about your 10 years of career?

– I am very happy as a technician. I only know about composing music and I am doing it as my career. Many say that we can get chances only when our films become hits. But, it’s not like that for me. Irrespective of Hits and Flops my career is going steady for the last 10 years. I gave my best for every film I worked in. I work sincerely. Time and Luck play a crucial role here. I worked for 36 films within three years, 2014- 2016.

What is your observation about the taste of the audience for music?

– The trend has changed now. Irrespective of the film’s success, good songs are getting the appreciation they deserve. Technology keeps on updating. We are witnessing many changes. In the past, it took 5 years to get updated. Now it will change within 3 to 5 months. I like the melodies very much. But, I haven’t got many opportunities to compose melody songs. I composed a very good melody in the ’22’ film. It is a mother sentiment song. It came out superbly, I can say that it will be played on Mother’s day every year. You all will listen to it very soon.

How is your relationship with other music Directors?

– Me, Thaman and Mani Sharma gari son Sagar traveled together while working for him. We discuss with each other whenever we composed good songs. We share a close relationship.

About your upcoming projects?

– Currently, I am working for ‘Bangaru Bullodu’ in AK Entertainments. I am doing another film with Naresh and with a new hero. I am also busy with two more films in Kannada.


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