Ginna Movie Review


Title: Ginna

CBFC Rating : UA

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Run-Time: 2 Hrs 16 Min

Release Date: 21-10-2022

Banner: AVA Entertainments, 24 Frames factory

Cast: Vishnu Manchu, Sunny Leone, Payal Rajput and others

Music: Anup Rubens

Cinematography: Chota K Naidu

Editor: Chota K Prasad

Producers: Vishnu Manchu

Direction: Suryaah


Ginna (Vishnu Manchu) owns a tent house with many debts. His childhood friend Renuka (Sunny Leone) comes to India from abroad. She is very rich and wants to marry Ginna. But Ginna loves Swathi (Payal Rajput). To win his love and money to clear his debts Ginna wants to cheat Renuka and hatches a lan along with his friends. Will he succeed or not forms the rest of the story.


Vishnu is back to what he is good at. Comedy is his zone. Vishnu does a splendid job in comedy. He is also impressive in dances and fights. His hard work is evident especially during dances.

Sunny Leone gets a big role and she does well. Payal Rajput did well as the village belle. Senior actors Naresh and Suresh are adequate. It is Chammak Chandra who steals the show in Ginna with his comedy. Vennela Kishore also provides good laughs in second half.


Vishnu Manchu Comedy, Dances
Sunny Leone, Payal Rajput Glamour
Second Half


Initial parts

Rushed climax


Director Suryaah did a fine job. He keeps engaging the audience with comedy, action and twists in regular intervals. Ginna rides mainly on comedy. Though it takes time to get into the flow, once it gets on-track the film has a free flow of scenes filled with good elements. The songs on-screen are picturised well. Comedy is well executed especially in second half blending with glamour, thrills and twists. The climax seems rushed, it could have been handled in a better manner. 

Ginna is packed with enjoyable comedy and decent thrills. This is easily Vishnu’s best in recent times. Though it starts off slowly, neatly executed entertainment with commercial elements made this enjoyable. Anup Rubens music is impressive with a couple of foot-tapping mass numbers. The choreography is amazing and the production design is lavish. Chota K Naidu’s cinematography captures beautiful village visuals. 

Rating: 3/5

Bottom Line: Enjoyable Comedy Caper


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