Grey Movie Review


Title: Grey

CBFC Rating: A

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Run-Time: 2 Hrs 01 Mins

Release Date: 26-05-2023

Banner: Adwitiya Movies

Cast: Arvind Krishna, Urvashi Rai, Ali Reza, Prathap Pothen and Others

Music: Nagaraju Talluri

Cinematography: Chetan Madhuranthakam

Editor: Satya Giduthuri

Producer: Kiran Kallakuri

Written & Directed By: Raj Madiraju

Raj Madiraju’s Grey generated interest with a thrilling teaser and trailer. Produced by Venkata Kiran Kallakuri and Hema Madhuri Kallakuri under M/s. Adwitiya Movies Private Limited. The film got released in theatres this Friday, 26 May 2023. Let us find out about Grey .


The story involving an ISRO scientist, Sudarshan Reddy (Pratap Pothen) who is aged 50. He is on the verge of a groundbreaking research that can reshape the world. However, he faces many adversaries in the form of ISI, CIA, etc as they all want their hands on his advanced technology but he is not up for sale. Aarushi Sharma (Urvashi Rai), a journalist, seeks his interview. Unexpectedly, the scientist falls in love with her and they both get married. Very soon, the scientist is found shot dead in his palatial house. In comes Inspector Nayak (Ali Reza), who discovers that there is more to the mysterious death than meets the eye. How BBC reporter Aarushi Reddy/Sharma (Urvashi Rai), and Doctor Raghu (Arvind Krishna) are connected to it, form the rest of the narration.


Late Prathap Pothen showed his experience to play the role of an ISRO scientist effortlessly. He impresses with his mannerisms, body language, dialogue delivery, and expressions. More than him it is Urvashi Rai who made her debut to Tollywood is the film’s protagonist. She oozes glamour in steamy scenes. Her role required she looked seductive and did those liplocks and intimate scenes confidently. Her screen presence in erotic scenes is surely a head Turner. Ali Reza of Bigg Boss fame is ok in his role as Inspector Nayak and Arvind Krishna too did his role as Doctor Raghu well. The film’s director, Raj Madiraju, is seen in the role of a RAW agent.


Interesting Plot, Premise

Urvashi Rai

Sensuous Scenes

Gripping Climax


Overdose Of Steamy Scenes

Slow Paced First Half


Director Raj Madiraju’s Grey story is about spies, scientists, nuclear secrets, espionage, etc. He tried to give James Bond kind of feel to the viewers and starts the narration in an interesting manner with the chronology of Indian scientists killed in a mysterious manner. What drives some of those deaths? ‘Grey’ tries to explore it by building an erotic thriller and a crime story.

The film starts on a promising note giving a feeling that we are in for a different thrilling treat and that too in grey shades watching Grey in black and white. But, the first half moves on a snail-pace.

Surprisingly, the film has lots of steamy scenes and the espionage is dealt mostly in a honey trap angle. But the second half ties up all the threads. The last 30 minutes are gripping. ‘Grey’ explores multiple themes greed, lust and hunger for power in a slow-burn fashion.

The music by Nagaraju Talluri is adequate and BGM is in sync with the storyline. Chetan Madhuranthakam’s cinematography used different techniques as the entire film was shot in black and white so as to give the viewers that Grey Feeling while watching the film as the title signifies and tried to do justice to the title. The monochrome nature leaves nothing much for technicians to experiment with in terms of colour palette. Dialogues are decent. Editing by Satya Giduturi could have been better.  Production values of Adwitiya Movies are good and appreciate the guts of producers for making an entire film in Black & White.

Rating: 3 / 5

Bottom line: Engaging Thriller With Suspense And Erotic Elements


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