Hard Hitting Trailer Of Shaitan Succeeds In Building Hype


Talented filmmaker Mahi V Raghav has forayed into the OTT world and made Save The Tigers, a fun-filled family drama which struck the right chord with the viewers. Once again Mahi collaborated with Disney Plus Hotstar but, this time for a hard hitting intense crime thriller. Starring Kamakshi Bhaskarla, Devitani, Rishi, Anisha Dama, Nitin Prasanna and Zafar Sadhik in lead roles, the trailer of Shaitan is recently released creating curiosity among the viewers.

The trailer once again states that it is a crime thriller and it is made in most realistic, raw form. From the begining Creator Mahi V Raghav saying that this will be the most boldest and violent crime thriller. Sticking to his words Mahi dived deeply into crime world to serve a crime drama which is extremely distressing.

The actors, dialogues, plot, violence nothing hold barred. They wanted to narrate a crime in its true form and they did it. It is being said that these cuss words and violence will drive the narrative forward. If the story too stays compelling along with this raw content, Shaitan will surely leave a mark.

The show explores the socio-political circumstances that led to the rise and fall of a criminal named Bali and his family. The makers marketed it as violent and bold advising sensitive viewers to stay away. But, the trailer leaves an impact among the viewers and the storyline seems promising. Shaitan will staream from 15th June in Disney Plus Hotstar.


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