HER : Chapter 1 Movie Review


Title: HER Chapter 1

CBFC Rating: UA

Run-Time: 1 Hrs 43 Mins

Release Date: 21-07-2023

Banner: Double Up Media

Cast: Ruhani Sharma, Vikas Vasishtha, Jeevan Kumar, Pradeep Rudra, Ravi Varma, Sanjay Swarup

Music: Pavan

Cinematography: Vishnu Besi

Editor: Chanakya Reddy Toorupu

Producers:Raghu Sankuratri and Deepa Sankuratri

Written & Directed By: Sreedhar Swaraghav

HER Chapter 1 has generated interest among the viewers with its interesting promotional content. Ruhani Sharma starrer has her in the lead role where she plays a cop. Suresh Productions came on board to release the film in Telugu states. The film is releasing in theatres worldwide on July 21. 


ACP Archana Prasad (Ruhani Sharma), loses a loved one in a shootout and is suspended after an internal inquiry. A twin murder of Swathi and Vishal takes place. Archana joins to investigate the case. How the case connects to her past and how did she overcame obstacles in her way forms the story.


Ruhani Sharma exudes confidence in the cop role. She is perfect in her role showcasing emotions perfectly. Her body language and expressions are tuned according to the cop’s role. She showed maturity as an actor in this film.

Vikas Vasishta did well in a limited-scope role. Vinod Varma makes his presence felt while Jeevan’s satirical one-liners provide comic relief. Sanjay Swaroop, Padmaja, Ravi Varma, Ravi Prakash, Pradeep Rudra are adequate in their roles. 


Ruhani Sharma

Gripping Screenplay

BGM, Cinematography

Production Values

Aggressive Promotions


Lacks impact in backstories



Director Sreedhar Swaraghav has taken a standard plot but made it more interesting with his treatment. The detailing of the crime and the investigation is meticulously portrayed.  The mind games are impressive. Though some backstories needed more drama and feels off the track from the main story which runs on an intriguing note. 

Her Chapter 1 is a sensible, well-made plot-driven thriller ably supported by its technical team. Pavan’s BGM and Vishnu Besi’s cinematography enhances the tension in the film which is very much needed in this genre. Production values are good and Producers ensured a quality output

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Bottom line: An Intriguing Cop-Killer Tale


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