“I Owe A Lot To Ravi Teja Garu I Am Forever Thankful To Him” – Music Director Bheems Ceciroleo


Bheems Ceciroleo is well known as a talented Music Composer in Tollywood. ‘Bengal Tiger’, ‘Nakshatram’, ‘PSV Garudavega’, ‘Ala Ela’, ‘Nuvva Nena’ etc are his notable works. This week on November 19th, 3 of his films ‘Ram Asur’, ‘Chalo Premiddam’, ‘Ooriki Uttharana’ are getting ready to release in theatres. He shares his views and plans on this occasion in this interview with Shiva Kumar B for IndustryHit.com

According to you what is Music? What kind of music do you enjoy?

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– There are no measurements for that. Music is all about how do you feel while listening to it. You just immerse yourself into it. Whatever type of music it is, as long as it influences us, it is a piece of good music.

Among the 24 crafts in film-making, Why did you choose Music?

– I find a good friend in Music and it made me a better human. It was a long journey with Music. I have a very strong bond with song in my life. It brought me name, fame, and respect. I started my journey from a remote village. My native place is surrounded by songs about revolutions and all. Unknowingly I got influenced by that and I started participating in singing contests. In that process, I sang a song in ‘Once More Please’ Program on Gemini TV. That made me inspire to enter into films. I started my journey in 2002 in the film industry and faced many sleepless nights. Director G Nageswara Reddy garu listened to my songs and encouraged me. He introduced me to Director N Shankar garu. I wrote ‘Oye Raju’ song for his ‘Aayudham’ film. It became a big hit. Later my struggle continued and worked as a ghost for many big films. I finally became music director for Allari Naresh, Sharwanand, Shreya starrer ‘Nuvva Nena’ film in 2012. I continued my journey with ‘Kevvu Keka’, ‘Joru’, ‘Ala Ela’, Bengal Tiger’, ‘Nakshatram’, ‘Garudavega’. I am hopeful of scoring a very big success very soon.

Who is your Music Guru? Where did you learn?

– I learned from society. There is no big teacher than ‘Panchabhoothalu’ in this world. I play rhythms mostly.

How do you differentiate yourself from your contemporary music directors?

– We should have belief in ourselves. We should respect the people and work according to them. I never thought about others. I only focus on my work and always think about how better can I make it. I congratulate those who passed and went up in careers and encourage those who are behind me.

How do you update yourself to the current music world?

– Song remains constant but it takes many forms. Music is created to connect and motivate the listener. No matter how many upgrades you made, the basic purpose of the song is to connect with the people. We are still listening to Illaiyaraja gari songs due to their soul. Sounds and instruments might change but the soul remains. Though I keep tabs on the latest trends, I always try to attain that soul of music.

3 of your films are releasing on the same day, this November 19th. What do you say about them?

– ‘Chalo Premiddam’ is a love and action thriller film. ‘Ram Asur’ is made with a different concept. ‘Ooriki Uttharana’ is a very different experience for me. Its hero Naren was my roommate in 2002. I got these opportunities during the pandemic time. Unexpectedly all three films are slated to release on that day. I am glad that 3 of my films releasing on the same day.

You worked with three debut directors for these films. How did you grasp what they want for their films?

– I wanted to do justice for the opportunity I got. I work according to the expectation of the director. I always try to give my best in my work. There are many variations in ‘Chalo Premiddam’, different music for ‘Ram Asur’, melodies for ‘Ooriki Uttharana’. All three directors are very passionate.

Once you are locked in for a film, how do you prepare yourself for that film?

– Once the initial meetings are over I request the director to travel together for a week to get the complete essence of the story. Music must be generated from the story itself. Then only the span will be good and it will be apt for that particular film.

Your name, Bheems Ceciroleo sound peculiar? what is the story behind it?

– My original name is Bheems. My father has communist influence. He studied in missionary schools. Ceciroleo is a philosopher. So, with these influences, he named me Bheems Ceciroleo.

What do you prefer between quality and quantity in your music?

– Any song is my child. You don’t know about my bank balance but you do know about how many hits are there in my account. You only approach me for my music. I never compromise about my music. I am what I am because of music. I am only concerned about the reach my song attained. I don’t bother about quantity.

In your journey as a music director, Who do you remember and recall?

– I owe a lot to Raviteja garu. I am forever thankful to him. I thank nature for giving me this ability to compose music. I am composing music for Raviteja gari’s next film in Trinadharao Nakkina gari Direction. I will work very hard and give my best for that film. I also thank Sampath Nandi garu, Suryanarayana Raju garu ( co-director to Director Teja garu), Director Nageswara Reddy garu, N Shankar garu. I apologize to my father, academic teachers, and many girls because I was more into music than studies. But, now my father is happy about me… concludes Bheems Ceciroleo


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